Month: October 2017

Why Decay Keeps Showing Up

Are you doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing (or so you think), so that tooth decay stays away? However, it seems that every time you turn around, you come in to see us, you end up with a cavity, and you’re starting to wonder what the problem is? Perhaps, you have recognized that… Read more »

Prepare For: National Brush Day For Kids!

You might have the idea that once Halloween is through, there’s nothing much to do until Turkey Day rolls around. The truth is, there’s another “holiday” that you just might be overlooking and it happens on the first of November. Not sure what it is? Surprise! It’s National Brush Day! Not sure what this is… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: What is That?

There are lots of abbreviations in the world today. Some are funny: LOL. Some are more serious, like TMJ disorder. Your TMJs are your temporomandibular joints: the highly mobile joints that attach the lower jaw to the skull. The TMJs, and the muscles around them must perform many functions. They allow the jaw to open,… Read more »

Should I Eat Before A Visit?

Ah yes, the age old question when it comes to getting ready for your dental visit with us: Should you eat? Or, is it better to arrive on an empty stomach? The very simple and straightforward answer to this question is: Yes, you should eat! Shocked? Uncertain about how to proceed? Curious regarding the why… Read more »

Comprehensive Dental Care: Yes, We Offer It!

When what you’re looking for is comprehensive dental care but you’ve got a particular problem on your mind, it can be very easy to find yourself at a dental practice that can help with your issue. However, later, when you require additional care, you may find that you have to go elsewhere, which isn’t really… Read more »

Halloween Trick Or Treating

Looking for a fun, familiar, and well-lit spot to do your trick or treating on Halloween night? If so, look no further than this Halloween Trick or Treating event taking place in your neck of the woods.

Halloween: 2 Things That Can Trip You Up

When you’re getting ready to celebrate Halloween, you may find that you begin to salivate. Just thinking about bowls full of candy is enough to put an extraordinary grin on your face. About that grin: Do you know how to make your way through this special day, while having heaps of fun but avoiding serious… Read more »

Complete Tooth Loss: Your Quiz!

We know that if you are experiencing complete tooth loss, you may have mixed feelings about the future. You know that you’d like your smile back, of course. However, getting started and knowing how you should move ahead with prosthetic dentistry, particularly if it is new territory for you, can feel like a bit too… Read more »

Tips And Tricks: When You Burn Your Tongue

Obviously, if you drink something extremely hot and are dealing with a true injury, you should head to the emergency room. However, when you “burn your tongue” as most people say, meaning you should have waited another minute before taking your first sip of a very hot drink, then we can help. This temporary but… Read more »

Real Men Wear Pink Event

Are you aware that both men and women suffer from breast cancer? Did you know that this is a disease that affects both genders in staggering numbers? The upcoming Real Men Wear Pink event is your chance to learn more if this is news to you, to support something you may already know a lot… Read more »