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Treatment For People With Cavities

Cartoon Tooth with Filling

When you regularly attend dental checkups and exams every six months, your dentist can detect threats to the health of your smile. At each visit, in addition to professionally cleaning your teeth, they check your mouth closely for the signs of any new oral problem. One of the most common dental conditions they find are… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Breath Problems

We usually hear from patients that they know something is wrong when they experience tooth pain. However, when other symptoms arise, they often ignore them or assume it’s something that will go away. A big example of this? When you experience bad breath. You might laugh it off or figure it will eventually clear up… Read more »

Avoiding Tooth Pain: 2 Things To Stop Chewing On

You know that there are many things you can do that may either encourage problems or prevent them. However, when it comes to habits that you don’t really even notice you perform on a consistent basis, this type of action tends to fly under the radar (making it harder to recognize and control). We’d like… Read more »

Why Infected Root Canals Matter So Much

Tooth decay is most commonly known as the infection that leads to cavities, or holes in your teeth. In most cases, these cavities can be treated early with a minimally invasive, tooth-colored filling. However, more severe cases of tooth decay can involve the infection of your tooth’s pulp and root canal, which carry its nerves… Read more »

Help! I Have A Toothache In My Artificial Tooth!

When you have natural teeth and you have a toothache, you’re not sidetracked by any confusion. You know your tooth hurts, hopefully you call us and let us know, we see you, and that’s that. You receive a diagnosis and treatment and you’re all better. However, when you experience pain in an artificial tooth, you… Read more »

How Neglecting A Toothache Ruins Your Day

When you have a toothache, you know on an instinctual level that the best way to react to this change is to do something about it. As far as what we would like you to do, this means bringing yourself to our office for a checkup, so you know why this pain is there and… Read more »

When Your Toothache Tastes Bad

If you ever experience a toothache and, simultaneously, you have a very bad taste in your mouth, you will know what we are referencing in an instant! As you know, tooth pain is something that is not restricted to one particular problem. Instead, it may come about as the result of a wide array of… Read more »

Short-Term Remedies For Tooth Pain

When you find yourself suffering from tooth pain, the immediate focus of your attention includes finding a way to get the discomfort to stop. True, you can rely in part on over-the-counter pain relievers. However, what if you don’t want to take a pill? What if the pain doesn’t seem to warrant it? Or, what… Read more »

Your Toothache: 2 Reasons You Aren’t Coming In

You want to come in for a dental visit about your toothache, of course. You know that it’s something that will require some amount of dental care because the pain is either serious or it’s quite persistent. However, if there are some (very common) things keeping you from coming in, then you may feel somewhat… Read more »

Sudden Tooth Pain (And What To Do)

In many cases, when a toothache begins to develop, you will notice a bit of discomfort at first that continues to build. Or, a little bit of pain will come and go as the issue progresses. Then, of course, you may find yourself having a very different type of experience when you deal with the… Read more »