Prepare For: National Brush Day For Kids!

You might have the idea that once Halloween is through, there’s nothing much to do until Turkey Day rolls around. The truth is, there’s another “holiday” that you just might be overlooking and it happens on the first of November. Not sure what it is? Surprise! It’s National Brush Day! Not sure what this is but you are most certainly happy to keep celebrating something, so long as it means you get to continue feeling festive? Wonderful! It happens to be very good for your smile health.

How To Benefit Your Kiddos

If you want to make the most of the day after Halloween for your kids, then it’s to your benefit to consider celebrating National Brush Day! What’s this mean? It’s really just a chance to join other individuals who are out there doing the same. You can get your kids excited about caring for their smiles by running through the essential brushing details. Fortunately, this will help you show kiddos how to keep smiles safe even if they’re eating candy. Remind kids (and monitor them) to:

  • Brush two times a day for two minutes when they brush
  • To brush with little strokes and to do so delicately
  • To brush every single part of each tooth that they can reach
  • To hold the brush on an angle toward the gumline for proper smile health care

Why It’s Good For You, Too!

Did you know that this is a good day for you, too? Maybe you’re always on target with your habits. However, maybe you’re not! Perhaps you get so wrapped up in caring for your child’s teeth that you sometimes forget about your own smile health. Use this “holiday” to literally brush up on the brushing details in your life. Check out your habits and improve them if necessary!

Protect Your Smile With Our Hygiene Suggestions

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