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Implant Dentistry As A Tooth Loss Solution

There are problems associated with tooth loss that you should not ignore. An absent tooth changes more than just your appearance, as you can find yourself more vulnerable to TMJ disorder and further losses, and you can wear down remaining teeth that have to do more work whenever you bite and chew. You also need… Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Help You Regain Your Full Smile

Your incomplete smile can make you unhappy with the way you look while also giving you issues that make biting and chewing more difficult. Through the right treatment, you can show off your full smile once again, and you can also feel more confident that you can bite and chew without difficulties! At our Prairie… Read more »

Three Ways Implants Can Restore Your Grin

Adult tooth loss is often not a concern people keep at the forefront of their minds, as routine preventive care at home can prevent that, right? The answer to this, however is: not necessarily. In fact, a number of factors can contribute to tooth loss or result in extraction as the only means for preserving… Read more »

Implants Can Lead To Better Oral Health After Tooth Loss

Tooth loss causes a person’s smile to change dramatically, but it is also a problem for their oral health. Your ability to eat can be compromised by the absence of just a single tooth. If multiple teeth are missing, it can make it difficult for you to maintain a varied, healthy diet. In addition to… Read more »

3 Positive Changes Enjoyed After Receiving Dental Implants

It only takes the absence of one tooth to impact your oral health and smile. The problems associated with tooth loss include cosmetic concerns, issues with biting and chewing, and changes over time that raise your risk for losing more teeth. Fortunately, the right prosthetic dental procedure is able to address these different concerns! Our… Read more »

Dental Implants Can Help Patients With Advanced Tooth Loss

When restoring a single lost tooth, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can recommend using a dental implant to hold a lifelike restoration in position. The stability of a dental implant-held restoration allows a patient to speak, eat, and laugh with confidence. The presence of your implant also helps keep neighboring teeth in place, which means… Read more »

How Patients Benefit From Having Dental Implants Placed

When a patient has lost even one tooth, they can lose confidence in the way they look, grow frustrated by problems with their dental function, and face risks for further dental health concerns. These issues can worsen over time, particularly if they suffer additional losses. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we are committed… Read more »

Rely On A Dental Implant To Improve Your Bite Function

If you have given up on certain favorite foods because tooth loss has made them difficult to eat, you should know that modern prosthetic dental care can help. In order to more effectively restore your bite function while restoring your smile, our Prairie Village, KS dental office can recommend the placement of a dental implant… Read more »

How Dental Implants Can Be Used To Restore Your Full Smile

A dental prosthetic that is custom-made for you can restore the appearance of your smile, and help with your dental function. What you might not realize is that restorations only replace part of the tooth that was lost. Dental bridges and dentures are designed to take the space of the crown of a tooth, meaning… Read more »

How Dental Implants Fit Into Plans To Regain Your Full Smile

The process of restoring teeth that you have lost can lead to a remarkable change that affects your smile, and your confidence. What patients are sometimes surprised to discover is that with the right approach to prosthetic dental work, their improvements can actually help with their oral health and dental function in significant ways, too!… Read more »