Dental Technology

Better technology allows for more thorough reviews while also making these reviews more comfortable. Patients of Dr. Browne will have their teeth, gums, and oral structures evaluated with advanced digital x-ray technology. This will produce significantly less radiation than past forms of x-ray technology while also enabling us to capture and present images in a shorter time!

Digital Imaging Technology And The Patient Experience

Our use of digital technology for patient evaluations makes your overall care experience better by offering:

  • A significant reduction in radiation produced by imaging technology
  • Crisp clear images that we can review at our chairside HD monitor
  • More thorough reviews, feedback, and diagnoses
  • More comfort during the evaluation process
  • A better patient understanding of their health and treatment needs

Enjoy Reviews With Advanced Dental Technology At Our Prairie Village, KS Dental Office

The combination of advanced technology, dependable and lifelike restorations, and a strong commitment to patient health help ensure that our patients have better experiences with smile care during their visits! To find out more about our use of dental technology and the impact that it will have on your patient experience, call our dental office today at (913) 901-8585.