Month: October 2017

Cool Smile Facts About Time!

Do you ever think about how much time you spend on particular things? Maybe you realized one day that you spend about one third of your life sleeping if you sleep about eight hours a night. Looking at your life from this mathematical perspective is certainly entertaining. How about your oral health? Do you ever… Read more »

Avoid These Dangerous Aligner Hazards!

We encourage you to take some time as you begin wearing your MTM aligner treatment to remember that these are not fixed devices. What’s that mean? Well, unlike braces that include brackets bonded to your teeth (which stay in place all day every day), your aligner trays are removable. So, you may take them out… Read more »

Is It Time To Contour?

When you have a general understanding of cosmetic dental treatments and you know what you want to fix with your smile, it can be easy to feel like a particular procedure might help. Feeling certain about what you need, however, is entirely different. If you’ve been thinking that perhaps dental contouring is for you and… Read more »

3 Less Obvious Reasons You Need Aligners

When it comes to the need for MTM aligners, you won’t be surprised to learn that you may need them if your smile developed in such a way that you’re dealing some of the following: Somewhat crooked teeth or a lack of symmetry. What if we told you, though, that there are some other common… Read more »

2 Ways Everyone Can Protect Their Smiles When Eating

Did you know that when you eat, you could be doing something (multiple things, actually) to protect your teeth? Were you aware that just the simple act of eating and chewing could end up leading to problems for your oral health? While we certainly don’t want you to stress during mealtimes, we do want you… Read more »

Happy Hour Fundraiser

Are you someone who never turns down a great happy hour? Happen to have a soft spot for important causes and raising funds? If so, you may want to add the Boos for Booze Happy Hour Fundraiser to your list of Halloween events!

Funny Flavors: My Taste Buds Are Betraying Me!

One day, you don’t have a care in the world when it comes to your tongue. The next day, you are completely certain something is very wrong with your taste buds because they don’t seem to be doing their job properly anymore. What should you do, you wonder, when the flavors of the foods you… Read more »

Gingivitis: Treatment Facts

We often find that when patients come to us and are diagnosed with gingivitis, they are a little confused about what to expect as far as treatment is concerned. Do you know how this gum health problem is best handled? To find out whether you need to handle it on your own, if you require… Read more »

Bruxism Quiz: To Check Or Not To Check?

You may find that you feel a little uneasy about changes you’re noticing in regard to your smile. This might include new sensations or just a general feeling that something is not the way it once was. Or, someone may mention that you’re practicing a habit you don’t think you’re performing. So, how to respond… Read more »

FAQs: When You Have A Toothache

What’s worse than having a toothache? From our experience with our patients, it’s wondering why you’re in pain and what to do about it. If you aren’t really certain about the first thing you should do or what to think about this particular type of oral health dilemma, we think you’ll find some serious relief… Read more »