Tips And Tricks: When You Burn Your Tongue

Obviously, if you drink something extremely hot and are dealing with a true injury, you should head to the emergency room. However, when you “burn your tongue” as most people say, meaning you should have waited another minute before taking your first sip of a very hot drink, then we can help. This temporary but very strange and annoying sensation is something that you can help resolve quickly. Then, of course, your burned tongue will return to its usual state of calm comfort in no time.

Tip: Chill It Down Quick

If your first thought is sticking your tongue into a glass of ice cold water, then go ahead and follow your gut. This is the right thing to do. You want to cool your tongue off, so it feels better and to cut down any impending inflammation. Soak it in cold water for a bit as your first line of defense.

Tip: Skip All Things Hot

It’s true that putting anything hot on your burned tongue is going to feel bad and is also going to contribute to making matters worse. Limit inflammation and pain by avoid anything hot. That’s hot in regard to actual heat and hot in regard to spiciness.

Tip: Salt Water For The Win!

It might not sound pleasant but it’s actually extremely beneficial for you to make salt water your mouth wash of choice as your burned tongue recovers. By rinsing with this solution throughout the day you accomplish two things:

  • It will help your tongue feel better
  • It will make sure your scorched tissues remain nice and clean, which helps with the healing process

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