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Providing Sedation During Dental Care

Some people have an easier time feeling comfortable in the dentist’s chair than others. For a person with anxiety around treatment, even a routine visits can be difficult to arrange. If you have anxious feelings about oral health care that you require, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help. Dr. Browne is able to provide… Read more »

We Use Digital X-rays To Closely Examine Your Smile

How closely do you look at your teeth when you brush and floss each day? There are some problems with your oral health that you may be able to spot with a basic visual review. For example, you can identify signs of gingivitis by looking for evidence like bleeding gums, swollen tissues, or changes in… Read more »

The Importance Of Screening For Oral Health Issues

Imagine how much harder your job would be if you suddenly received no feedback – nothing from your coworkers, or your boss, or your customers. Feedback is also important when it comes to smile care. Sure, you can do a good job of caring for your smile by brushing and flossing, but you may not… Read more »

We Use Modern Imaging Technology To Examine Your Smile

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist relies on advanced skills and experience to provide you with quality smile care during every routine dental checkup. With that said, there are real benefits to relying on advanced imaging technology for evaluations, as the right tools can reveal problems even the keenest eye can have trouble noticing. Our practice… Read more »

Can Better Imaging Technology Lead To Better Dental Care?

When you brush and floss your teeth, you can take a moment to look your smile over. Are you seeing signs of oral health trouble? Are you noticing cosmetic problems with your teeth that you want to address? These informal checks can help you recognize when something is wrong, but they can fail to provide… Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Make Dental Care More Comfortable

Some patients will find it hard to feel comfortable during dental treatment, even during a routine dental exam. If you have anxieties about oral health care, make sure you communicate this with your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Part of patient comfort is creating an environment that is relaxing, welcoming, and generally calming. For patients who… Read more »

How Technology Helps Your Dentist Protect Your Smile

How can technology affect your experience as a patient during oral health care? Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can use digital x-rays to create detailed images of your teeth in a remarkably short time. In addition to providing an ongoing record that closely tracks changes in your oral health, digital x-rays produce significantly less… Read more »

Your Comfort: We Are Very Supportive Of It!

If you’re not entirely sure what we are about at our Prairie Village, KS practice, then you may not know that patient comfort is one of our absolute top priorities. “Well that’s good,” you might think to yourself, “it’s nice to have a dentist that’s gentle and thoughtful.” If so, then you certainly have some… Read more »

Advanced Visuals with Intraoral Cameras and Digital X-Rays

Effective dental care relies on your dentists’ ability to see what’s afflicting your oral health. Therefore, dentists acquire a glimpse into the depths of your oral health through visual inspection and the use of advanced digital imaging equipment. In the interest of providing our patients with excellent and safe dental care, we utilize the latest in dental technology,… Read more »