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Making Improvements To Your Smile With MTM Aligners

Taking the time to speak with your Prairie Village, KS dentist about crooked teeth can lead to positive developments. This is because your dentist can offer treatment with MTM aligners, which rely on clear aligners to make changes to your smile. These aligners are constructed with the intent to focus on adjusting teeth that are… Read more »

Things You Think About Aligners That Aren’t True

You might get yourself sort of excited when you learn about choosing MTM Aligners in Prairie Village, KS to align your smile. “Wow,” you think, “I can end up with a straight smile and I don’t even have to wear metal braces!” Then, of course, you manage to start worrying about the clear aligners. Yes,… Read more »

Discreet Adult Orthodontics: An Option

We get it. Some things you don’t mind sharing, and other times you’d rather not have everyone up in your business. While braces seem like a rite of passage in middle school, they may not be what you’d like to wear in the workplace, or out on a date. Luckily, there are almost-invisible orthodontic options… Read more »

MTM Clear Aligners: What Can They Do?

Are you 100% happy with the position of the teeth in your smile? Many people are not satisfied, and yet they live with the annoyance or curtail their smile, rather than ask a helpful dentist in Prairie View, KS what might be done to solve the issue. They may have told themselves “It will take… Read more »

Improvement For The Front Teeth

When you stare at your reflection in the mirror and you smile, what is the first thing that you notice? Is it that you wish you could find an improvement for the front teeth only because what you’re seeing is a smile that’s not poorly balanced but your front teeth are crooked? Perhaps you just… Read more »

The Day You Decide: You Want Whiter Teeth

The day you decide that you want whiter teeth is the day that you may find yourself both very excited and also unsure about the next steps you should take. There are some to avoid and then some that you should most certainly choose to ensure you’re on a path toward achieving your goal in… Read more »

MTM Aligners: Don’t Forget!

When you decide to wear MTM Aligners as your treatment for a smile that’s oh so much straighter looking, you quickly begin gathering important details. You learn about how long to wear the trays, what it will require of you to keep them clean, and what you need to do to continue your dental hygiene!… Read more »

Adult Orthodontics: Things You Want To Know

When you’re broaching the subject of adult orthodontics, you may find that you have conflicting feelings. Part of you feels very excited because you have wondered for quite a while if there was anything you could do about your teeth and their not-so-aligned appearance. Then, the other part of you feels a little unsure, foolish,… Read more »

Quiz: When You Want Care And You Want It Fast!

There’s nothing like suddenly realizing you want your smile to look better but worrying that it’s going to require so much time and effort that it just might not be worth it. On the flip side, there’s nothing quite like speaking with us about MTM Aligners and our other cosmetic solutions and finding out that… Read more »

3 Times You Just Need Cosmetic Braces

What do we mean in this instance when we refer to your potentially needing cosmetic braces? What we mean is that some people need just a bit of an adjustment to get their smile looking more uniform and much more beautiful. Others need true alignment improvement throughout their entire smile because it is causing additional… Read more »