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Poor Flossing Habits Can Raise Your Risk For Smile Problems

If you want to keep your teeth and gums in great shape, you need to have an effective strategy for dealing with oral bacteria. By brushing thoroughly, you can remove those harmful bacteria, and prevent the development of plaque and tartar. With that said, keep in mind that brushing should only be one part of… Read more »

Putting In A Better Effort To Keep Your Teeth Clean

Have you grown concern over possible signs of tooth decay, or gum disease? Do you feel like you need to make changes to your oral health routine after needing restorative dental work in the recent past? If you are not consistent with your oral hygiene, or if you have a habit of indulging your sweet… Read more »

A Proper Flossing Technique Can Better Protect Your Smile

The act of flossing is important, but it is not magical – to make the most of this practice, you need to be sure you are doing it effectively. What people sometimes fail to realize is that the full benefit of flossing comes from moving the string vertically, and moving down to your gum line…. Read more »

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Offers A Defense For Gum Disease

An ultrasonic scaling goes beyond the degree of care provided during a typical professional dental cleaning. So what makes it necessary in some cases? The goal of this procedure is to target harmful bacteria that have accumulated below your gum line, and caused an infection. By treating your teeth under your gums, your Prairie Village,… Read more »

Be Prepared To Protect Your Smile Through The Holidays

While your commitment to preventing cavities can remain constant throughout the year, the holidays can make smile care a little more difficult. For some people, the challenge comes in the form of holiday treats – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all offer an assortment of sweets that are high in sugar. For others, the trouble comes… Read more »

Make Sure Your Daily Oral Care Practices Protect Your Gums

When you brush and floss, you aren’t just protecting your teeth. Your daily care helps you avoid issues with cavities, as well as potential problems with your periodontal health. With that said, the way you perform these tasks can impact their effectiveness. One problem is a lack of care for teeth at your gum line…. Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Your Smile Clean?

Your daily decisions matter when it comes to your smile. If you want to receive good news at your next dental checkup with your Prairie Village, KS dentist, you should keep up with an effective oral health care regimen. That means brushing and flossing regularly. When you perform these tasks, you also need to take… Read more »

Your Toothbrush: Features You’re Getting Wrong

When you’re using a toothbrush that offers protective features for your smile, you know that your dental hygiene and your preventive care are underway in an effective manner. However, when you use a brush with features that run contrary to what we might suggest for your smile, did you know that your oral health may… Read more »

Pain And Flossing: What To Know

You may not know what to think when it comes to making a connection between flossing and pain. Should dental hygiene sessions hurt? Should you be experiencing pain if you’re not performing the flossing we have recommended? Why do these sensations occur at all? Fortunately, we can quickly fill you in on the details, so… Read more »

2 Unexpected Things Leading To Bad Breath

There are some reasons for your bad breath that you might not be shocked to hear. If we told you to stop eating so much garlic, you might think to yourself, “Ah, yes! That makes sense.” If we said that you should schedule your cleanings with us because you’re not getting your smile clean enough,… Read more »