Patient Comfort

When it comes to matters of smile care, patient comfort is a priority. Whether you benefit from assistance with this during every appointment or during more involved services, we can take steps to keep you comfortable during your visit! In addition to helping with discomfort during your care, we can take steps to help you better enjoy your day after your appointment as well.

Sedation Is Available During Dental Work

In addition to providing local anesthesia during dental work that can cause discomfort, we offer sedation to patients who experience unease with treatments. The sedation options we offer help with overactive nerves and general feelings of anxiety around smile care. We provide options for sedation that include the use of nitrous oxide as well as conscious sedation, which means we can adjust the level of support that you receive.

How OraVerse® Helps You Return To Your Day

The numbing effect of local anesthetic makes in-office care more comfortable, but the extended loss of sensation can make the rest of your day harder to enjoy. OraVerse® provides an effective solution by helping you regain normal feeling in a shorter time. Dr. Browne will provide OraVerse in the form of an injection once your procedure is complete. This will hasten the recovery of feeling and movement in your lips, which protects against awkward issues like slurred speech, drooling, and discomfort due to lingering numbness from anesthesia. You can expect to regain normal oral sensations in just one or two hours!

Enjoy More Comfortable Care At Our Dental Office!

Through our commitment to comfort during treatment, we help the people who see us for oral health support enjoy fantastic care. The right support can make your time in the dentist’s chair easier and even help you with your post-treatment recovery! If you would like to find out more, call our Prairie Village, KS dental office at (913) 901-8585.