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Q&A: Dental Care When Teeth Hurt

When your teeth hurt, what you naturally want to do is to leave them alone. You don’t want them to feel any more uncomfortable, so your instincts may tell you to stop brushing, to avoid flossing, and to wait on dental visits. We understand that you may be hopeful your smile will suddenly return to… Read more »

Cold Sores: FAQs

Are you someone who is dealing with cold sores? Perhaps you’re noticing the occurrence of some type of sore but you’re not exactly sure if you’re seeing fever blisters or something else. This is a common topic when it comes to sores that affect your smile health. We know it’s easy to worry about such… Read more »

Mouthguard Questions We Frequently Hear

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Some of them happen regularly, and are great for everyone: for example, checkups and cleanings twice a year. Your dentist can also help with “as needed” items to keep your teeth in good shape. If you (or… Read more »

A Root Canal Therapy Quiz

Root canal therapy is a common, and commonly misunderstood, restorative treatment that, while necessary, is frequently postponed or ignored because of the myths surrounding it. Unfortunately, such hesitation can lead to irreparable damage from extensive tooth infection, and many patients who skip root canal treatment must later have their tooth extracted. To clarify the misconceptions… Read more »

Did You Know…About Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth commonly affect children, and orthodontic treatment is often recommended for younger patient to correct them. But as adults, crooked teeth can be equally worrisome, and patients who’ve never dealt with crooked teeth before might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of correcting them with braces. There are several things that you should know about… Read more »