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Discretely Improving Spacing In Teeth

Woman with Invisalign

Are your teeth as straight as you would like them to be? Deciding to begin orthodontic treatment requires exploring all of the services available to help. With proper care, you can improve the overall quality of your bite and gain a friendly looking smile at the same time. Issues with poor spacing of your teeth… Read more »

Using Aligners As An Alternative To Metal Braces

Rather than accept that you need to wear metal braces for an extended period of time, you can look at what other aligners offer you. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office provides patients access to Orthodontic Clear Aligners, which are used to take on the kinds of gaps and overlaps between teeth that make people… Read more »

Proceeding With Gum Contouring Treatment

Sometimes, treatment to change a person’s smile will focus on their gums. For someone with bulky or uneven tissues, this kind of care can have a significant positive effect, as it can make their smile more symmetrical, and it can add length to teeth that seem short or squat. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s… Read more »

When You Need A Cracked Tooth Treated

How serious is a problem with a cracked tooth? The answer to this question will depend on just how serious the damage is. That being said, any time your enamel is chipped, cracked, or broken in some other way, you should make a visit with your dentist a priority. Even if the problem seems relatively… Read more »

Services That Make Your Smile Brighter

Maintaining a bright smile is important to many people, but it can prove surprisingly difficult. Even if you do a good job keeping your teeth free of cavities, you may notice that your enamel is growing duller as time passes due to the accumulation of particles left by foods and drinks. Fortunately, the right cosmetic… Read more »

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Q&A: For Soda Drinkers

What does summer mean to you? Does it mean enjoying some delicious soda? How about winter? Does it mean bundling up and reaching for a crisp, cool soda? Whether you call it pop, soda pop, or anything else under the sun, if you’re someone who loves it, it’s probably a year-round favorite. Unfortunately, if you’re… Read more »

Why Should I Schedule Regular Checkups and Cleanings?

Professionals say that you should get your teeth regularly checked and cleaned every six months. But what if you are diligent in your brushing and flossing habits? Isn’t that good enough to skip a few visits? The answer is no. There are many reasons why this line of thinking could be bad for your oral… Read more »

How Porcelain Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

By receiving porcelain veneers, you can make improvements to the shape of your teeth, and their color. The veneers, thin and semi-translucent shells that are designed to look like a row of healthy teeth, are placed over the front of your teeth. The application of veneers is a popular cosmetic treatment, one that allows your dentist… Read more »

Teeth Whitening From Your Dentist

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure that can drastically improve the appearance of your smile. While over-the-counter whitening agents treat the stains that only sit on the surface of your teeth, the bleaching agents provided by your dentist can attack deeper stains in your enamel, for a more dramatic change. While bleaching is not optimal… Read more »