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Safely Extracting Your Injured Tooth

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If your dentist recommends extracting one of your teeth, you may initially feel alarmed. While it is completely normal to desire keeping as many of your natural teeth as possible, a tooth extraction is a safe procedure that treats particular dental injuries. Performing a reliable tooth extraction can provide more of a benefit to the… Read more »

Reliable Restoration Of A Lost Tooth

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you are familiar with the impact on your quality of life. Simple activities like speaking and eating become tedious as you adjust to the gap in your smile. This loss of function accompanies feelings of embarrassment as you may be prone to hide your grin from… Read more »

Performing Reliable Tooth Extraction

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What should you expect when your dentist suggests extracting one of your teeth? Do not worry if you feel hesitation, as it is completely normal to want to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible! Sometimes though, the benefits of removing your tooth outweigh leaving an injured structure in place. Certain problems may… Read more »

The Benefits Of Extracting A Tooth

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It can be intimidating to proceed when it is time to fully extract a tooth. Afterall, this treatment may seem counterintuitive to preserving your smile, as it can leave a gap in your grin. What you should know is that removing a tooth is often the first step to treating problems with your oral health… Read more »

When Extracting A Tooth Is In Need

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What should you expect when you learn that you need a tooth extracted? You can feel hesitant moving forward with receiving a tooth extraction, because this is a treatment that leaves you with a gap in your smile. What you should know is that the procedure will relieve problems with your tooth and benefit your… Read more »

What Dental Bridges Do For Patients With Missing Teeth

When you lose teeth, you can struggle with more than just a smile that appears less attractive and less healthy. Just one gap in your smile can change your ability to bite and chew food properly, an issue that can affect your diet, and may also lead to problems with TMJ disorder. Until you do… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Remove Them Sooner Than Later

You may know just from hearing about other people’s experiences that wisdom teeth removal is very common. Often times, parents have their children’s third molars removed as soon as these teeth present the potential for problems down the line. So, if you still have your wisdom teeth as an adult and you’re not sure whether… Read more »

Tooth Extraction: Nope, Not The End Of The World!

When you hear from our team that you need a tooth extraction, what’s the first thought that passes through your mind? Is it a positive thought? If it’s something along the lines of, “Oh no, this is the end of the world!” then you may need to take a deep breath or two and reassess…. Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Things You May Not Realize

Tooth loss isn’t something that you want to experience or that you necessarily want to treat. However, if it does affect you, then treating is by far your best response. Figuring that if you ever lose a tooth, you’ll just do your best to pretend the problem isn’t there? We think you may want to… Read more »

Toothache To Tooth Loss: What To Expect?

What can you expect when you discover that you are dealing with an advanced issue with your tooth? What happens when your toothache ends up leading to tooth loss? Are you going to worry about pain for the rest of your days and have to walk around with a “hole” in your smile? Or, are… Read more »