Halloween: 2 Things That Can Trip You Up

When you’re getting ready to celebrate Halloween, you may find that you begin to salivate. Just thinking about bowls full of candy is enough to put an extraordinary grin on your face. About that grin: Do you know how to make your way through this special day, while having heaps of fun but avoiding serious issues like damaging your oral health? If not, then it is high time you consider some things that can seem harmless but that may trip you up. As a result, you can keep your smile safe.

#1: “Healthy” Treats

Candied apples, pumpkin lattes, apple cider: They all sound like they must be fairly healthy and better for your oral health than candy because they include what appears to be real, whole foods. While apples and pumpkins on their own are absolutely full of healthy nutrients for your smile, when they’re coated in sugar or they’re one of many not-good-for-your-smile ingredients in a sugary and/or acidic beverage, then they’re harm causers. Remember to pay attention to the big picture, so you can protect your oral health.

#2: Stuff That Damages Teeth And Dental Work

Another thing that can trip you up even if you’re generally very focused on making wise choices for your oral health, is things that can harm your teeth or your dental work. For instance, don’t try to jam vampire teeth on over braces if they don’t fit or you could damage the braces! Even if something has healthy ingredients, if it’s too difficult to bite, then you could break a tooth, damage a crown, etc. Think about the possible results of your actions and then decide whether you’re making smart decisions or if you need an alternative option.

Keep Smiles Protected And Healthy All Year Long

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