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The Long-Term Value Of Better Periodontal Health

How does your commitment to periodontal health help you preserve your overall oral health? The work you put into protecting your gums can have more benefit than you realize. By preventing problems with gum disease, you lower your overall risk for tooth loss. You also avoid difficulties that can interfere with your general health. At… Read more »

Dealing With Gingivitis During A Routine Dental Visit

How many oral health issues can your dentist really tend to during a routine dental exam? At a checkup, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will be on the lookout for more than just the warning signs of tooth decay! These visits give us regular opportunities to identify any issues that concern your oral health. One… Read more »

How Should You Respond If You Have Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

Even if gingivitis is not a painful condition, it can cause problems that concern you. The symptoms that you experience include bleeding, swollen or sensitive tissues, and even noticeable changes in your gum line. The good news is that gingivitis is a condition that can be reversed. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can actually help… Read more »

These Actions Can Protect You Against Gingivitis

If your goal is to fully protect your smile against the different threats you are up against, you need to think about your periodontal health. When gum disease first forms, problems with gingivitis can lead to worrying problems like tissue swelling and discoloration, gum tissues that bleed easily, and even problems with a change in… Read more »

Ultrasonic Scaling And Your Periodontal Health

With consistent care at home, and regular checkups at your dentist’s office, you can keep your gums safe against infection. However, many people with steady routines can still find themselves fighting gingivitis. Fortunately, an ultrasonic scaling at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help! An ultrasonic scaling removes bacteria buildup below your gum line… Read more »

Gum Disease Can Become A Significant Problem Over Time

If you are not taking good care of your gums, you can put yourself at risk for more significant oral health issues – and general health issues – than you might realize. At first, an infection of your tissues results in gingivitis. This can lead to some early warning signs of trouble like bleeding tissues,… Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Avoid Problems With Gingivitis?

How good are you at preventing gingivitis? Have you avoided any troubles with this infection, or have you needed your dentist’s help in removing bacteria that have gathered below your gum line in the recent past? It is important that you protect your gums against infection. While gingivitis can be addressed before there are long-term… Read more »

The Role Your Dentist Plays In Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Your approach to brushing and flossing will certainly affect your ability to prevent problems with gingivitis. On a daily basis, you should take care to clean at the base of your teeth in order to remove the bacteria that can infect your periodontal tissues. Doing so consistently can be more important than you realize. When… Read more »

We Can Fight Gingivitis By Performing An Ultrasonic Scaling

Every day when you clean your teeth, you can protect yourself against gingivitis. The question is, has your routine been effective at stopping the buildup of bacteria a your gum line? Problems with accumulated bacteria and other debris can lead to the formation of plaque, which can result in the formation of hardened tartar in… Read more »

Can Poor Periodontal Health Lead To Dental Sensitivity?

When a person experiences troubles with dental sensitivity, their daily life can suffer from regular intrusions of discomfort. Enjoying a meal, snack, or drink may be more difficult because you feel an uncomfortable sensation ring out from your smile. Why are you having this issue? It may be connected to the health of your gums…. Read more »