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Can Your Dentist Help You Deal With Gum Disease?

Do you see your dentist as someone who can help you deal with all of your oral health concerns, or just someone who can do something about tooth decay? At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we recognize the importance of helping patients with a range of potential oral health problems. For instance, if you… Read more »

Using An Ultrasonic Scaling To Address Periodontal Troubles

Periodontal problems are not an issue you want to simply ignore. When a person lets a problem like gingivitis worsen, and does not take action to stop the progression of this infection, they can experience serious trouble from periodontal disease. If you have troubles with advanced gum disease, you face a heightened risk for tooth… Read more »

Your Dentist Is Ready To Address Your Periodontal Health

Are you taking good care of your gums? If you want to maintain your full smile as you age, your periodontal health is something that certainly deserves your attention. Failing to prevent or treat gum disease can eventually lead to the development of periodontitis, an advanced infection that can damage the tissues supporting your teeth…. Read more »

The Importance Of Avoiding Serious Periodontal Health Issues

Protecting your teeth and gums against problems can help you maintain your appearance, and sustain better overall health. Unfortunately, even people who regularly maintain good oral health habits can still find themselves in need of professional dental treatment. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can address matters with the proper restorative dental work when a cavity… Read more »

Recognizing Signs Of Gum Disease, And Treating The Problem

What should you be paying attention to when you take the time to clean your teeth each day? You might not realize it, but there are visible signs of gum disease you can identify. Looking for these issues is important – without timely treatment, the problem can worsen, and make your oral health more difficult… Read more »

I May Have An Issue With My Gums – Should I Tell My Dentist?

It starts one morning during your usual pre-work routine. You notice that your gums seem swollen, and seem to bleed easily after brushing. If the change remains over time, you may grow concerned that something is wrong. Swelling, reddening, and bleeding are all signs of gum disease. Chronic bad breath can also be an indicator… Read more »

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Offers A Defense For Gum Disease

An ultrasonic scaling goes beyond the degree of care provided during a typical professional dental cleaning. So what makes it necessary in some cases? The goal of this procedure is to target harmful bacteria that have accumulated below your gum line, and caused an infection. By treating your teeth under your gums, your Prairie Village,… Read more »

Make Sure Your Daily Oral Care Practices Protect Your Gums

When you brush and floss, you aren’t just protecting your teeth. Your daily care helps you avoid issues with cavities, as well as potential problems with your periodontal health. With that said, the way you perform these tasks can impact their effectiveness. One problem is a lack of care for teeth at your gum line…. Read more »

Addressing Gum Disease Before Your Condition Worsens

If you notice that your gums tend to bleed more easily, or appear swollen, you could have a problem with gum disease. These symptoms, along with chronic bad breath, should grab your attention. When your Prairie Village, KS dentist is made aware of possible periodontal troubles, you can be treated with an ultrasonic scaling. This… Read more »

Gum Disease: Things Everyone Should Know!

There’s probably a long list of things that you’re already familiar with when the topic is gum disease. Perhaps you know it means bad things for your oral health and that it is often accompanied by symptoms like red, puffy gums and bad breath. However, the things that aren’t on that list are those details… Read more »