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How Pain From TMJ Disorder Disrupts A Person’s Life

If you are experiencing an increased number of headaches, if biting and chewing cause pain, or if your jaw movement is stiff or difficult, you should let your dentist know. These are all issues that a person can experience when they struggle with TMJ disorder. This problem stems from a change in the alignment or… Read more »

Is A Tendency To Grind Your Teeth Hurting Your Smile?

You need to worry about more than just teeth stains and cavities if you want to protect your enamel and preserve your smile! For many people, bruxism poses a threat to both their appearance and well-being. A struggle with nightly teeth grinding issues can lead to TMJ pain, stiffness, sore or sensitive teeth, and eventually… Read more »

When Should You Discuss TMJ Disorder With Your Dentist?

Is there any reason to talk with your dentist about your recent headaches? Headaches can actually be linked to problems with your jaw joints and movement, so this can actually be a worthwhile topic to discuss at your next routine dental exam! When you have headaches, jaw stiffness and pain, facial soreness, or issues with… Read more »

Issues With Stress Management Can Lead To Bruxism

When people have a harder time managing their stress levels, the negative feelings they experience can make them vulnerable to problems with teeth grinding or clenching. If you start to grind or clench at night, you can be vulnerable to some potentially serious oral health consequences. This issue, known as bruxism, can lead to enamel… Read more »

Why We Look For Signs Of TMJ Disorder During Checkups

How often do you find yourself wincing in pain because your jaw movement is uncomfortable? Do you sometimes struggle with a lack of movement, or with headaches and facial pain? These issues can be traced back to problems with TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder can be the consequence of several problems – your issues could occur… Read more »

What Your Dentist Can Do To Address Damage From Bruxism

You can do more harm by grinding your teeth than you might realize. At first, a problem with nightly teeth grinding, often known as bruxism, can cause discomfort when you wake up. You may feel pain or stiffness in your jaw, or find that your teeth are sore. If the discomfort you feel begins to… Read more »

How TMJ Treatment Addresses Stiff Or Painful Jaw Movement

When you start to struggle with stiff or painful jaw movement, you can feel dread before a meal, or find yourself avoiding conversations due to the discomfort they cause. Discomfort around your jaw movement can be the result of TMJ disorder, which can result from problems with your bite, poor dental alignment, or an injury… Read more »

Ignoring A Problem With Teeth Grinding Can Hurt Your Smile

While people can worry about the impact that bruxism, or nightly teeth grinding, is having on their life, they may be slow to realize that the problem is something to bring up with their dentist. Unfortunately, ignoring this issue can let it grow worse as time passes, and that can lead to difficulties with chronic… Read more »

Tired Of Living With Jaw Pain? A TMJ Appliance Can Help

If your meals are becoming unpleasant because it hurts to bite and chew, or if you are speaking and smiling less because of joint stiffness, you should be concerned. Unresolved problems with your jaw joints and muscles can stem from different issues. The difficulties that result stem from an issue known as TMJ disorder. In… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile From A Teeth Grinding Habit

What can you do to limit the amount of wear and tear that your teeth experience? As strong as tooth enamel is, years of biting and chewing food can gradually start to change the shape of teeth through persistent friction. While the problem is often not easy to notice, some people can observe more alarming… Read more »