Category: Bruxism/TMJ

TMJ Treatment Can Reduce Bite Pain

If you start to experience flare-ups of discomfort whenever you bite and chew, you would be correct in worrying about your oral health. The longer this issue continues, the more likely you are to experience worsening problems with headaches, limited jaw movement, and even problems with teeth grinding. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office,… Read more »

Avoiding Dental Damage From Bruxism

Proper smile care will help you stay safe against bacteria buildup and the accumulation of food debris, which will help you avoid problems that demand restorative treatment. With that said, there are more threats to your smile than this. One concern is over bruxism, an issue with teeth grinding and clenching that can negatively impact… Read more »

How Your Dentist Addresses TMJ Disorder

Your inability to bite and chew without discomfort is a real cause for concern. Fortunately, it is one that we can take care of at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office. Patients who express concerns about bite pain, stiffness in their jaw movement, headaches, and teeth grinding can require help with TMJ disorder. To provide… Read more »

Discussing Your Dental Discomfort

Keeping your dental discomfort to yourself can be a poor decision for several reasons. One is that you can prolong your time struggling with pain and sensitivity for no reason, as the feeling may not go away until the appropriate treatment. Another is that the cause of your problem can worsen, leading to complications that… Read more »

When Bruxism Wears Down Your Enamel

Your teeth are strong enough to break apart and break down an array of foods. The strength of our enamel is important to our ability to enjoy a varied, nutrient-rich diet, and to our ability to avoid dental problems. Unfortunately, problems with gradual wear and tear can start to affect both your appearance and oral… Read more »

How Oral Appliances Help With TMJ Pain

What can you really do to address pain that you experience whenever you move your jaw to bite, chew, or speak? Discomfort that frequently occurs when you move your jaw, or regular aches and pains that affect your face, neck, and head, can point to difficulties with TMJ disorder. There are many reasons why people… Read more »

Resolving Your Troubled Bite Function

When you start to lose confidence in your ability to bite and chew through certain tough foods, or when basic jaw movements begin to hurt, you should be concerned about your oral health. More than one issue can create this kind of intrusion on your daily life. Sometimes, people grow concerned because tooth pain limits… Read more »

When Teeth Grinding Hurts Your Smile

If you spend your nights clenching and grinding your teeth, your mornings can start with dental pain and sensitivity. Over time, this unconscious habit can make you more likely to suffer from TMJ disorder, and it can leave you with visible dental damage that affects your smile and oral health. While it is difficult to… Read more »

Responding To Issues With Jaw Pain

The issues that you have with jaw pain should be brought to your dentist’s attention. You should bring up any problems with pain or sensitivity that you have when you bite and chew at a regular dental exam. If pain has become a problem that impacts your daily life, you can schedule an appointment to… Read more »

Nightly Teeth Grinding And Your Smile

People who spend their nights unconsciously grinding their teeth can have difficult mornings, as their days can start with pain and sensitivity issues that affect their teeth and jaw. Unfortunately, this is a condition that can cause worsening discomfort over time as well as permanent damage to your tooth structure! At our Prairie Village, KS… Read more »