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Do You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

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What steps do you take to protect your smile? While some harms are easy to detect, certain behaviors such as grinding your teeth at night occur without notice. While brushing and flossing each day removes bacteria that lead to tooth decay, what can you do to protect against something that happens while you’re asleep? Left… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile From Bruxism

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When it comes to protecting your smile, certain dangers can be harder to detect than others. Your morning and evening brushing routine can help you prevent the accumulation of cavity-causing plaque, but how do you know if you grind your teeth at night? This unconscious habit can increase your likelihood of gum disease and tooth… Read more »

A Treatment For Teeth Grinding

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How do you stay on top of protecting your oral health? When you take time to select a healthy diet, you can avoid sugary snacks and drinks that can erode the enamel surface layer of your teeth. You also brush and floss your smile daily to remove particles of food that form oral plaques and… Read more »

Protection For Nightly Teeth Grinding

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What steps do you take each day to protect your teeth? Making healthy choices at mealtime and reducing sugar intake helps you prevent decay. By brushing twice per day, you also remove oral bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum disease. But what can you do for an oral threat that happens when you… Read more »

Treating Your Teeth Grinding At Night

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Certain problems with your oral health can develop completely undetected in their early stages. Your daily oral hygiene practices can prevent the accumulation of plaque throughout your day, but how do you treat problems that occur while you are asleep? For patients who experience nighttime teeth grinding, you may be unaware of the problem until… Read more »

Oral Guards Prevent Teeth Grinding

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Most of us practice a daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing, but what can we do to care for our teeth when we sleep? For those who suffer problems with nighttime teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, serious health problems can develop without you even knowing. When not treated, this habit can… Read more »

The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth

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We are sometimes unaware of oral health problems until serious complications develop. One such problem is the unconscious grinding and clenching of our teeth known as bruxism. Left untreated, this disorder may flatten and chip your teeth and gradually wear down the enamel that provides critical protection. While it may be hard to identify a… Read more »

TMJ Treatment For Your Jaw Pain

There are different warning signs of poor oral health you should keep watch for if you want to stay on top of your overall well-being. Not all of these problems directly target your teeth. The discomfort you feel in your face and jaw can also be linked to problems that should be discussed with your… Read more »

We Can Discuss Your TMJ Difficulties

When you have problems with your jaw movement, the poor alignment of your joints can lead to tension that causes pain and stiffness that lowers your quality of life. As time passes, that can lead to worsening discomfort on its own, and it can lead to teeth grinding difficulties that can cause serious dental damage!… Read more »

3 Things To Know About Bruxism

There are different threats to your smile that can affect you throughout the day, as bacteria buildup and the accumulation of sugary food particles can increase your risk for dental decay. What you should know is that people who struggle with bruxism can experience issues during the night, as the unconscious grinding and clenching of… Read more »