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Past Problems With Tooth Decay? These Tips Can Help

For people who struggle to protect themselves against cavities, restorative dental work can be a familiar experience, but far from a fun one. Many people will develop at least one cavity in the course of their life, and it is certainly possible for you to develop several over time. With that said, someone with a… Read more »

3 Mistakes That Can Negatively Affect Your Oral Health

It can be easy to fall into a consistent habit when it comes to your oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, some people unknowingly allow certain bad habits to form when it comes to dental care, which can increase their risk for problems with cavities and gum disease. If you have recently undergone restorative dental work, or… Read more »

A Change In Your Oral Care Routine Can Benefit Your Smile

By evaluating your current oral care routine and looking for improvements, you can stay protected against problems with your smile that can require restorative dental work. If you have spent an extended period of time without any oral health problems, you may feel that your routine is fine as-is. What you should know is that… Read more »

Are These Common Oral Health Mistakes Hurting Your Smile?

A good oral health routine should be consistent, as well as thorough. While many people recognize that they should take their smile care needs seriously, they sometimes become relaxed toward their routine. As you continually brush and floss, you can start to “occasionally” skip sessions, or cut cleanings short. Over time, this can lead to a buildup… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile Can Be Difficult Without Dental Exams

If you brush and floss every day, and maintain a disciplined, low-sugar diet, is there really any reason to see your dentist? It is hard to overstate the value that good daily habits offer, but routine dental exams can be beneficial even with these habits in place. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist offers several important… Read more »

Do You Have Concerns About Your Periodontal Health?

Is your periodontal health something you should be worried about? When an infection occurs, and it is not addressed in time, the harm to your oral health can be serious. People who develop advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, are at risk for losing teeth, and their problem can make them more vulnerable to overall… Read more »

3 Bad Oral Health Habits To Leave In 2019

If you are currently guilty of any bad oral health habits, you may not have experienced the consequence in the form of tooth decay or gum disease…yet. As time passes, you can face a heightened risk for problems as tartar forms on your teeth, and makes it harder for you to clear away the bacteria… Read more »

How Many Times Should You See Your Dentist Each Year?

As the year draws to a close, you can find yourself busy with holiday activities. However, you should not feel as though you have no time to take care of yourself, particularly when it comes to your smile. Unless your dentist has determined that you would be better served by a different schedule, you should… Read more »

Will This Year’s Holiday Parties Lead To Cavities?

Holiday parties give you opportunities to catch up with friends and family members. They also encourage us to make the most of this festive season. Is there any downside to attending as many festive gatherings as possible? If you are not smart about your oral care routine, and you overindulge with holiday treats, you could… Read more »

Better Flossing Means Better Support For Your Dental Health

When a cavity forms, decay will continue to spread and damage your enamel before reaching deeper layers of your tooth and creating a painful internal infection. When you allow bacteria to infiltrate your gums, gingivitis can cause bleeding and irritation before your condition worsens into periodontitis, which can sharply raise your risk for losing teeth…. Read more »