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Our Practice Can Fully Resolve Your Cavity Troubles

Even patients who are well aware of the harm a cavity can do may find themselves in need of treatment for tooth decay. The problem is not something you want to take lightly – once a cavity forms, it will simply continue to grow and create problems until restorative dental treatment is provided. While you… Read more »

Restoring Your Oral Health To Address Your Bite Problems

It may not surprise you to hear that untreated oral health issues can have a negative effect on your bite function. When you change the way you bite to avoid a sensitive tooth, or when an issue like poor dental alignment affects the way you apply pressure when you bite, it can create ongoing problems… Read more »

We Can Provide A Custom Crown To Support A Problem Tooth

With time and proper treatment, a broken bone will mend, allowing you to feel confident in your health once again. When a tooth is damaged, or affected by tooth decay, the damage will be permanent. Fortunately, this does not mean that your tooth will permanently look unattractive, or continue to create problems for you –… Read more »

How Much Support Can You Really Expect From A Filling?

In the past, a dental filling would be made from metal material. While this substance was impressively durable, it would do a poor job hiding within your tooth structure, so it could draw unwanted attention. Patients at our Prairie Village, KS dental practice can receive modern dental fillings that can closely mimic the look of… Read more »

Can You Receive Dental Care On Short Notice?

If you are free of any symptoms that might suggest oral health troubles, and if you are comfortable with the look of your smile, you can have no problem waiting for your next semiannual dental exam. However, if you are experiencing discomfort, or if you suffer a dental injury, you can be ready to see… Read more »

Problems Associated With Untreated Tooth Decay

Are you really at risk for problems if you hold off on a cavity treatment? Is there any way to slow down or stop the spread of tooth decay on your own? The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to cavities, it is important that you do not delay restorative dental work. As you… Read more »

Toothache Troubles? You May Be In Need Of A Root Canal

The start of a toothache can be understandably alarming – after all, no one wants to find out that they need restorative dental treatment! With that said, keep in mind that simply trying to ignore the matter is not helpful, as this could be a sign that your tooth is infected. An infection in your… Read more »

How Worrying Are Signs Of Dental Wear And Tear?

You may notice that your teeth look different today than they did in older pictures. This could be a consequence of teeth stains that have gathered over time, but the matter can be more than just the color of your smile. You could be seeing a difference because of dental wear and tear that has… Read more »

Designing A Crown That Works For Your Smile And Oral Health

You might fear that when it comes to restorative dental work, you will be forced to sacrifice your smile for your oral health. People who worry about the effect that a treatment might have on their appearance can be alarmed because they imagine that a restoration will look out of place, and attract attention they… Read more »

Your Experience During Advanced Cavity Treatment

While an advanced cavity can be a big problem for your oral health, your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to fully handle the matter. With the proper restorative dental care, your tooth’s condition can be addressed, and you can receive a durable dental crown to provide long-term support and protection. In many cases, an… Read more »