Category: Restorative Dentistry

How A Dental Crown Protects A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

If you are tired of trying to hide a chipped or cracked view from others, or if you worry that your injured tooth’s health will worsen in time, you should talk to your dentist about restorative dental work. Through restorative work, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can make sure that your smile and bite function… Read more »

We Can Place A Filling Without Changing A Tooth’s Appearance

The unfortunate truth about cavities is that they do permanent damage to your enamel. Even if your dentist identifies a cavity before you start to have problems with pain or sensitivity, there will be irreversible harm that needs to be addressed. The good news is that with the right restoration, a tooth can be restored… Read more »

How Your Dentist Approaches Cavity Treatment

When you go to see your dentist for a regular dental exam, you can obviously hope to learn that you have no problems with your oral health, and that you only need to schedule your next appointment. Unfortunately, sometimes patients undergo a checkup and find out that they need work done because a cavity has… Read more »

3 Possible Causes Of Dental Pain That Should Concern You

If you begin to experience tooth pain, or struggle with discomfort with your face and jaw, you should be concerned about your oral health. Physical discomfort is a difficult symptom to ignore. If you try to disregard it in the hopes that it will go away on its own, or because you simply do not… Read more »

Is Anxiety Keeping You From Scheduling Dental Work?

When individuals suffer from dental anxiety, they can have a difficult time committing to their oral health needs. For some, their anxieties are strong enough to keep them from scheduling any routine dental exams, and can even keep them away despite struggling with worrying tooth pain. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is sensitive to… Read more »

Does Your Toothache Mean It Is Time For Root Canal Therapy?

A toothache can intrude on your day, making it hard to eat, speak, or even focus on your responsibilities. Unfortunately, people sometimes prolong their discomfort because they do not want to find out they need restorative dental work. The longer you wait to do something about pain and sensitivity, the more likely you are to… Read more »

How A Custom Crown Restores A Tooth Affected By Decay

A cavity will gradually erode tooth enamel as it grows. At first, the damage is relatively small, and it can be addressed with a dental filling that closes the space o=on your tooth opened by decay. However, the harm done by a cavity will become serious enough to require something more supportive than a filling…. Read more »

What Are My Options For Restoring My Chipped Tooth?

Chipped teeth can age your smile, make you appear generally less attractive and healthy, and even interfere with your dental function. While our teeth are protected by remarkably strong enamel, they can be hurt. When damage occurs, even in the form of relatively minor chips, teeth can actually become vulnerable to more damage. At our… Read more »

Can I Trust A Tooth-Colored Filling Stay In Good Condition?

Rather than restore your tooth with a conspicuous metal filling, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can instead take care of it by placing a more attractive dental filling capable of imitating your tooth structure. These tooth-colored fillings are still able to provide long-term support, and they can offer enough structural support to let you confidently… Read more »

Can I Safely Put Pressure On My Crown When I Bite Down?

If you need to have restorative dental work done for a tooth damaged by decay, or one that is physically injured, your Prairie Village, KS dentist is ready to help. The type of care that you receive will depend on what state your tooth is currently in. For some patients, it will be necessary to… Read more »