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Dental Bridges Close Frustrating Gaps Caused By Tooth Loss

A smile gap that occurs after you lose a tooth can be embarrassing, and a larger gap created by several missing teeth can be even more frustrating. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we have experience helping patients restore their appearance with modern dental prosthetic appliances. With a dental bridge, we have the ability… Read more »

Scheduling A Root Canal Procedure: What To Expect

Should you be worried about an upcoming root canal procedure? Obviously, you should try to avoid the problems that lead to any type of restorative dental work. With that said, people are often uncomfortable at the thought of what a root canal might involve, while being unaware of what the procedure really entails, and what… Read more »

We Can Treat Tooth Decay While Preserving Your Smile

Why should you make preventing tooth decay a priority? A cavity does permanent harm to a tooth, and a problem with decay can lead to complications, including an infection of your tooth’s interior that can cause serious discomfort. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, patients who need restorative dental work can count on care… Read more »

We Offer Supportive Restorations To Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can create problems in your daily life that feel frustrating, and inescapable. For individuals dealing with noticeable smile gaps, the problem can make them feel embarrassed, and appear older and less healthy. Losing a tooth in a less noticeable area can keep you from feeling self-conscious about your smile, but it can still… Read more »

3 Situations Where A Modern Dental Crown Can Be Beneficial

Modern dental crowns provide support for a vulnerable tooth that can help you bite without pain, while also keeping you safe against infection. Because our Prairie Village, KS dental office can offer crowns with different material types, including lifelike zirconia and porcelain, you can also feel more confident in the way you look after you… Read more »

Providing A Comfortable Experience During Restorative Work

It may not be something that people look forward to, but restorative dental work does provide individuals with protection against oral health troubles that can become serious if they are not addressed. Acting as quickly as possible to take care of something like tooth decay will allow you to minimize how much harm decay ultimately… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Restoring That Chipped Or Cracked Tooth

How serious is a problem with a chipped or cracked tooth? While the problem can certainly affect your smile, you may be less concerned if the damage does not result in pain, or affect the way you bite and chew. What you might not realize is that your tooth could be weakened by this harm,… Read more »

Performing A Root Canal To Care For An Injured Tooth

When you suffer a tooth injury, you may have more to worry about than just a noticeable chip or crack, or even the pain you feel. In cases where a tooth’s inner chamber, or pulp, is exposed or harmed during an injury, a person can develop a harmful infection. To deal with this matter, you… Read more »

Scheduling The Placement Of Your Lifelike Dental Filling

You may have a hard time feeling “relieved” when you learn you have a cavity, but you can appreciate when decay only calls for a dental filling. The placement of a dental filling is the most conservative option when it comes to restorative dental work. Your tooth structure surrounding your cavity will not be affected,… Read more »

Our Practice Can Fully Resolve Your Cavity Troubles

Even patients who are well aware of the harm a cavity can do may find themselves in need of treatment for tooth decay. The problem is not something you want to take lightly – once a cavity forms, it will simply continue to grow and create problems until restorative dental treatment is provided. While you… Read more »