Category: Restorative Dentistry

Dental Bridges With An Attractive Look

When losing a tooth causes feelings of embarrassment, the placement of a dental bridge can cover the gap in your smile. This lifelike prosthetic offers important functional benefits to your bite while returning the attractive look of your full smile. At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can plan the design and placement of… Read more »

Treating Damaged Teeth With A Crown

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Major cracks, full breaks, and severe tooth decay require treatment to prevent further damage or infection. Furthermore, dental injuries impair your ability to comfortably bite and chew at mealtime. Dental crowns support the health of your smile by repairing injured teeth and improving the function of your bite. A crown restores your tooth’s ability to… Read more »

Enhance A Strong Bite With A Crown

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Have you recently broken or cracked one of your teeth? A custom dental crown can repair your injured structure and mimic the function of a healthy tooth. When this part of our body is strong, it absorbs large amounts of pressure from the daily impact of your bite. A dental crown provides protection by fully… Read more »

Is Tooth Pain An Urgent Problem?

Tooth pain can be a nuisance, and it can also be a warning that something is seriously wrong with your oral health. The onset of pain can be concerning. As the problem continues, or if you experience worsening pain, you could be dealing with an infection that will continue to worsen and create concerns over… Read more »

How Your Crown Supports Your Bite

A dental crown needs to keep the tooth it caps safe from harm. It does this by fully covering it above the gumline and absorbing bite pressure on its behalf. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can see to it that you have a restoration that offers this kind of support so that… Read more »

Trustworthy Protection From A Lifelike Filling

Can you trust that your tooth will remain healthy after you undergo a cavity treatment? Cavities do irreversible harm to your enamel, which is why your restorative work includes the placement of a filling or crown to keep it safe. Fortunately, the right materials—and the right oral hygiene efforts after your procedure—can ensure that you… Read more »

Making Care For Your Cracked Tooth A Priority

After you crack your tooth, it can be difficult to focus on anything beyond the injury and your need for care. Physical damage in this form can lead to difficulties with your appearance and bite function, and it can make you vulnerable to more oral health issues until you undergo treatment. That treatment can be… Read more »

When Your Tooth Is Loose After An Injury

A physical injury can have a significant impact on your smile and oral health. Even if your tooth is not visibly broken, you can have understandable worries over its condition when it feels loose. In the event that a tooth is knocked loose, or if it is already out of its socket, you can count… Read more »

Managing A Teeth Grinding Habit

Problems with nighttime teeth grinding can follow you into the daytime. Waking up after a night of grinding and clenching can mean waking up with pain in your face and jaw. Over time, the wear and tear on your enamel can lead to worrying smile changes, and it can even result in problems with dental… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Root Canals Are Performed

A root canal procedure is something that can be avoided, but once it becomes necessary, you should make it a priority. This service deals with issues within the tooth structure that threaten your tooth and your overall oral health. By providing it, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can stop a problem that is causing you… Read more »