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Should I Ask My Dentist About Replacing An Older Crown?

When a tooth is seriously compromised by decay, or by a physical injury, it can be necessary to place a dental crown over it. When a crown is set on a tooth, it is meant to provide permanent support, which is important because teeth in these cases will not be able to heal naturally. You… Read more »

A Root Canal Procedure Can Save A Vulnerable Tooth

Dental enamel is a remarkably strong material, capable of keeping our teeth healthy even as they suffer impact from biting and chewing. Unfortunately, cavities can do real damage to this substance, and expose us to infections that lead to discomfort, and potential tooth loss! If you suffer from an advanced cavity that leads to an… Read more »

Receive A Tooth-Colored Filling To Address Tooth Decay

Keeping up with daily smile care efforts will help you avoid the permanent damage that a cavity can cause. Between daily brushing and flossing, smart dieting, and regular preventive dental care, many patients are able to keep their teeth safe from this harm. Unfortunately, cavities are still common threats, and you may find yourself in… Read more »

How Can I Be Sure My Crown Will Fit In With My Smile?

If you have a serious problem with your tooth, a dental crown may be needed to save it. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we have helped many people in situations where they needed restorative dental work for a serious cavity, or in response to a dental emergency. If you find yourself in a… Read more »

Find Out How We Help Our Patients Avoid Discomfort

It can be hard to make sure some people have all the care they need because they are reluctant to make a dental appointment. If you are someone who stays away from professional oral care because you worry about discomfort, you should know that our Prairie Village, KS dental office can make your experience more… Read more »

3 Benefits You Can Enjoy By Promptly Addressing A Cavity

Motivating yourself to take care of a chore, or other less than exciting task, can sometimes be difficult. With that said, ignoring problems rarely removes them from your life…in fact, you could wind up with a more difficult task by putting something off! When it comes to tooth decay, you should seek the appropriate restorative… Read more »

Dental Bridges Close Frustrating Gaps Caused By Tooth Loss

A smile gap that occurs after you lose a tooth can be embarrassing, and a larger gap created by several missing teeth can be even more frustrating. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we have experience helping patients restore their appearance with modern dental prosthetic appliances. With a dental bridge, we have the ability… Read more »

Scheduling A Root Canal Procedure: What To Expect

Should you be worried about an upcoming root canal procedure? Obviously, you should try to avoid the problems that lead to any type of restorative dental work. With that said, people are often uncomfortable at the thought of what a root canal might involve, while being unaware of what the procedure really entails, and what… Read more »

We Can Treat Tooth Decay While Preserving Your Smile

Why should you make preventing tooth decay a priority? A cavity does permanent harm to a tooth, and a problem with decay can lead to complications, including an infection of your tooth’s interior that can cause serious discomfort. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, patients who need restorative dental work can count on care… Read more »

We Offer Supportive Restorations To Replace Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can create problems in your daily life that feel frustrating, and inescapable. For individuals dealing with noticeable smile gaps, the problem can make them feel embarrassed, and appear older and less healthy. Losing a tooth in a less noticeable area can keep you from feeling self-conscious about your smile, but it can still… Read more »