Category: General Dentistry

The Importance Of Gum Health

Do you really have the right efforts in place to protect yourself against gingivitis and gum disease? The good news is that the same brushing and flossing efforts that protect you against cavities can also help you avoid difficulties with gum disease. Unfortunately, not everyone performs these practices at a level where they will effectively… Read more »

Providing Comfortable Smile Care

Your comfort in the dentist’s chair is a priority when you make an appointment for routine services as well as when you require more involved restorative treatment. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can work with patients to provide positive experiences during all appointments. For those who have anxiety about oral health services,… Read more »

Keeping Your Smile Tartar-Free

If you want to control your risks for problems like dental decay and gum disease, controlling tartar buildup will be important. You can do this by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, one that sees you brush and floss thoroughly to keep bacteria and food debris from accumulating on your smile. With that said, make… Read more »

Effectively Preventing Dental Problems

How much work do you currently put into protecting your smile from harm? You should take time each day to carefully brush and floss, and you should limit your exposure to sugary and acidic foods to limit potential problems with your oral health. The right daily behaviors will be important, but you should also keep… Read more »

Discussing Your Dental Discomfort

Keeping your dental discomfort to yourself can be a poor decision for several reasons. One is that you can prolong your time struggling with pain and sensitivity for no reason, as the feeling may not go away until the appropriate treatment. Another is that the cause of your problem can worsen, leading to complications that… Read more »

Tips For Better Gingivitis Prevention

Is your current approach to smile care protecting your gums as well as your teeth? Cavity prevention is important, but your oral hygiene routine should help you prevent gingivitis as well. Fortunately, a routine that relies on brushing and flossing can defend against the bacteria that can affect your gums. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s… Read more »

Teeth Cleanings And Harmful Tartar Buildup

Your daily routine has obvious importance when it comes to fighting the accumulation of plaque, as well as in preventing problems with tooth decay, gum disease, and tartar formation. With that said, it is important to remember that preventive efforts can stop issues from occurring, but they can prove less effective at preventing those issues… Read more »

Scheduling Regular Dental Checkups

At every regular dental exam, we take several steps to make sure that patients are able to maintain—or return to—good oral health. One measure we take is to provide a thorough teeth cleaning that removes harmful bacteria and food debris to prevent problems from occurring. Dr. Browne also provides a thorough evaluation so that we… Read more »

Addressing Anxiety About Dental Work

The anxiety you feel about dental work can be difficult to ignore, but it is a problem when it stops you from scheduling visits for care. When you are not seeing your dentist for regular exams, you are more likely to let a problem go unnoticed, and untreated, until complications occur. At this point, you… Read more »

Avoid Soft Drinks To Protect Your Teeth

How often do you enjoy soft drinks with meals? Do you turn to these beverages when thirsty, or when you hope to cool down on a warm day? While they may offer a refreshing taste, they can cause trouble for your smile, particularly if you drink them regularly. When it comes to foods and drinks… Read more »