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Have You Been Putting Off A Routine Dental Appointment?

If you have gone more than six months without a dental checkup, you should take care to book your next one. Unless you are told by your dentist to follow a different timeline, you should be consistent with semiannual dental exams. When you stay on top of this routine, you receive consistent protection against problems… Read more »

When Did Your Last Scheduled Teeth Cleaning Take Place?

How long has it been since you visited at dental office and had your teeth cleaned? If you have gone an extended period of time without this service, but have stayed consistent with brushing and flossing, you may feel that you have not missed out on anything since your last appointment. What you should note… Read more »

We Can Help You Feel Comfortable During And After Treatment

Even if you feel total comfort in the dentist’s chair during a routine dental exam, you may feel some unease upon learning that you need restorative dental work. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help those who feel unease – even those who struggle from dental anxiety – to feel relaxed during… Read more »

Helpful Information You Receive During A Dental Exam

At your regular dental exams, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will share more than just whether or not you have a cavity that must be treated. These visits are meant to help patients stay on top of their oral health needs. With that in mind, your dentist is able to discuss possible issues with gum… Read more »

Can Aggressive Brushing Create Trouble For Your Smile?

If your goal is to stay on top of your oral health needs, the actions you take from one day to the next will be important. Few actions are as closely linked to oral hygiene as brushing your teeth. While frequent, thorough brushing helps, brushing with too much force may have unintended consequences. By moving… Read more »

Should You Worry Over Signs Of Dental Wear And Tear?

The gradual erosion of enamel can affect a person’s smile over time. The wear and tear your teeth experience can lead to some change in their color, or make you more susceptible to dental decay. Fortunately, good habits and a smart diet can limit the amount of wear you experience and keep this issue from… Read more »

Fight Chronic Bad Breath With An Improved Oral Care Routine

Living with bad breath can become frustrating, but people sometimes struggle to find a lasting solution to the problem. While mints and gum can mask odors that make you self-conscious, you can be eager to make a change that truly puts the problem behind you. Because this problem is often linked to poor oral health,… Read more »

Your Brushing Habits May Be Less Effective Than You Realize

If you brush twice a day, and you generally feel confident in the appearance of your teeth, you may feel that no changes to your routine are required. With that said, many patients have walked into their dentist’s office confident in their oral health, then discovered in the course of their oral health exam that… Read more »

Do The Following To Stay Informed About Your Oral Health

If you want to prevent problems with your oral health, a thorough and consistent brushing and flossing routine will be important, as will a smart diet that keeps sugar consumption to a minimum. If you want to stay informed about your oral health, you should take advantage of the preventive services offered by your dentist,… Read more »

Acknowledging The Impact Your Diet Is Having On Your Smile

Are you sabotaging your efforts to keep your smile clean, and making yourself less safe against the threat of tooth decay? People who put time and effort into brushing and flossing their teeth can make themselves vulnerable to oral health problems because they are not being mindful of their diet’s impact on their well-being. If… Read more »