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Do You Have Dental Anxiety? Learn How Sedation Can Help

If you are struggling with dental anxiety, you may find the idea of arranging a dental appointment uncomfortable. Many people are affected by some degree of discomfort at the thought of restorative dental work, but individuals suffering from anxiety can even find routine dental appointments difficult. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, our goal… Read more »

3 Tips To Help You Begin 2020 With A Healthy, Lovely Smile!

While 2020 is still more than a month away, this is a good time to start thinking about how you would like to approach the new year. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, our goal is to help our patients stay in good oral health over time. One way we provide this support is… Read more »

Better Flossing Means Better Support For Your Dental Health

When a cavity forms, decay will continue to spread and damage your enamel before reaching deeper layers of your tooth and creating a painful internal infection. When you allow bacteria to infiltrate your gums, gingivitis can cause bleeding and irritation before your condition worsens into periodontitis, which can sharply raise your risk for losing teeth…. Read more »

3 Reasons To Stay Consistent With Your Dental Exams

Unless you have been advised to keep a different schedule, your dental checkups should occur approximately every six months. Sticking with this routine is important – when you are consistently receiving preventive dental care, you can have an easier time avoiding trouble with tooth decay and gum disease. You also receive important updates about your… Read more »

We Can Offer A Special Treatment To Fight Gingivitis

For the sake of your smile, and your overall well-being, you should be interested in protecting your gums against infection. When gingivitis develops, the bacteria that gather beneath your gums can create embarrassing issues with bad breath, cause bleeding and sensitivity, and even affect your gum line. If your condition worsens, it can become difficult… Read more »

Don’t Let Halloween Candy Damage Your Healthy Smile!

Even though trick-or-treating tends to only happen on Halloween, candy can become readily available weeks before the actual holiday. If you are someone who normally struggles with a sweet tooth, you can be understandably concerned about the health of your smile. Even if you feel you do a good job resisting temptation, you may not… Read more »

Routine Dental Visits Keep Teeth And Gums Safe From Harm

While our Prairie Village, KS dental office is ready to help you recover your oral health from the effects of tooth decay or gum disease, our goal is the same as yours – we want to keep your smile out of trouble! When you visit our practice for routine dental cleanings and exams, we can… Read more »

3 Smile Problems To Watch Out For If You Love Coffee

Coffee can be your secret weapon on most mornings, or one of your favorite indulgences when you are out and about. You might be a regular at your local coffee shop, or a fixture at the coffee maker in your office break room. As much as you might love coffee, you can find yourself less… Read more »

Is Poor Hydration Affecting Your Oral Health?

Some daily behaviors are more obviously connected to your oral health than others. When you brush and floss, the connection between these actions and your dental hygiene should be pretty apparent. Avoiding sugary treats can also show concern about problems like tooth decay. What you might not expect is that staying hydrated – and drinking… Read more »

The Importance Of Screening For Oral Health Issues

Imagine how much harder your job would be if you suddenly received no feedback – nothing from your coworkers, or your boss, or your customers. Feedback is also important when it comes to smile care. Sure, you can do a good job of caring for your smile by brushing and flossing, but you may not… Read more »