Month: November 2016

Dental Care During Pregnancy: 3 Things You Should Do  

Are you pregnant and worrying about your dental care? The good news is that you don’t have to worry (though we understand you might have a lot on your mind!). However, especially if this is your first pregnancy, it’s especially helpful if you recognize there are a few key, beneficial things you can do to ensure… Read more »

Flossing: Check In On Your Technique

Do you think that over the years, you’ve come up with quite an amazing and effective system of flossing that has been working wonders for you? If you are like many patients, you might answer with something along the lines of, “No, not really.” If so, we encourage you to take a moment to check… Read more »

Dental Care: Don’t Try This At Home

When you get your oral health in wonderful condition and you find that you have streamlined your dental hygiene, you may begin to feel on top of your dental care game! This is a wonderful sensation because you know you are doing your absolute best to protect your smile. However, if you let any of… Read more »

Ignoring Your Cavity: 4 Things That Can Happen

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is often something that applies to oral health problems as our patients experience them. You’re not looking at your cavity on a daily basis, so it often feels easier to just pretend it’s not there. Unfortunately, the longer you allow the tooth decay to progress, the worse… Read more »

3 Things That Are True About Restorative Care

When learning about restorative care, the details can become somewhat confusing. For instance, you may wonder why an extraction qualifies within restorative treatment if we are removing the tooth, not fixing it. Well, this is because we’re getting rid of the source of the problem and prepping your mouth for a tooth replacement (at which… Read more »

Customized Care: What Does This Mean?

You might hear quite consistently that we provide customized care. However, you might not really know what this means. Surely, a dental cleaning doesn’t require significant customization, right? How about cosmetic care? Does that require custom treatments or should everyone expect the same thing? Allow us to explain when this becomes extremely important and why… Read more »

Q&A Gum Disease Dangers: Do You Know Them?

Patients often think about gum disease and assume it’s either something that won’t affect them or that it’s something that’s a bit of a nuisance but little else. Unfortunately, this oral health concern has the capacity to become quite destructive if it’s ignored. We suggest you become familiar with associated dangers (and how to avoid… Read more »

General Dental Care: What’s Included?

When you hear that we offer general dentistry to keep your smile healthy, does your mind pull up a list of services? Or, do you draw a bit of a blank, assuming that this means cleanings, checkups, and little else? Fortunately, we are happy to report that our practice extends a comprehensive selection of general… Read more »

Local Anesthesia: Your Questions

Most patients are happy to receive local anesthesia because it means receiving dental care procedures (like fillings or root canal treatments) without experiencing any discomfort. However, the aftermath of receiving an anesthetic often means an extended period of not only a numb tooth but numb lips as well. The problem here is that it can… Read more »

Dentures: Who Are They For, What Are They, Etc.?

Making heads or tails of dentures can become somewhat confusing because you’ve got a lot of options. However, you may feel like you’re not a great candidate as a result of some ideas you already have regarding this type of tooth replacement option. We suggest you do your best to erase your current collection of… Read more »