Dentures: Who Are They For, What Are They, Etc.?

whowhatwherearrowsMaking heads or tails of dentures can become somewhat confusing because you’ve got a lot of options. However, you may feel like you’re not a great candidate as a result of some ideas you already have regarding this type of tooth replacement option. We suggest you do your best to erase your current collection of details about full and partial dentures and to remain open to replacing those details with new information. Become a little more familiar with the who, what, where, when, and why of dentures and you’ll be surprised that they might make a wonderful choice for you.

Who Are Dentures For?

They are for just about anyone dealing with tooth loss. We offer full and partial dentures, meaning this treatment is appropriate for patients missing any number of teeth in any configuration.

What Are They?

They are removable prosthetic teeth. Full dentures include a high-grade plastic base fitted with a full arch of natural-looking, artificial teeth. A partial also includes a plastic base, artificial teeth, areas that leave room for natural teeth, and metal clasps.

Where Will You Receive Them?

You will come to our practice, where we can talk about your options and begin the process.

When Can You Receive Them?

They require no surgery or invasive treatment. You can receive full or partial dentures just as soon as you come to us, receive impressions, and wait for a quick period until a skilled technician at a lab finishes the product. Depending on your needs, it shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks.

Why Choose Them?

Full and partial dentures offer a wealth of benefits. The major highlights include: They are budget friendly, they last many years, they quickly restore your smile, they work for most patients, and you will be able to eat and speak without problems.