3 Things That Are True About Restorative Care

3balloonredWhen learning about restorative care, the details can become somewhat confusing. For instance, you may wonder why an extraction qualifies within restorative treatment if we are removing the tooth, not fixing it. Well, this is because we’re getting rid of the source of the problem and prepping your mouth for a tooth replacement (at which point your smile is whole again). As you understand more about the goal of this type of dentistry, the ways we can save your smile become much clearer.

#1: It Revives Your Previous Smile

Restorative care helps you regain the smile health and appearance that was previously yours. We repair damage, get rid of disease, and protect teeth, so you’re back to your original level of function and esthetic value.

#2: Our Care Can Yield A Beautiful Finish

When you need restorative care for your visible teeth, it can feel somewhat frightening. After all, you want your tooth to be whole and healthy again but you certainly don’t want it to look obvious. Fortunately, we offer cosmetically sound restorations like porcelain crowns and white fillings, so your restored grin comes with a beautiful finish.

#3: Removing And Replacing Teeth Is Included

You might think to yourself that you will be out of luck if something is seriously wrong with your tooth and it cannot be saved with a filling or crown. You may also worry that if you are already dealing with tooth loss that you may end up stuck with openings in your smile for life. Fortunately, neither of these concerns is true. We offer dental extractions when necessary, as well as prosthetic dentistry solutions like bridges, dentures, and implants.