Ignoring Your Cavity: 4 Things That Can Happen

4redThe phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is often something that applies to oral health problems as our patients experience them. You’re not looking at your cavity on a daily basis, so it often feels easier to just pretend it’s not there. Unfortunately, the longer you allow the tooth decay to progress, the worse the problem and complications will become. The spark of hope in this situation is the fact that you can choose to seek immediate treatment, which will prevent a whole slew of unkindly side effects from occurring. Allow us to tell you about some of them!

#1: Your Tooth Will Break

A cavity leaves your tooth susceptible to breakage because it decreases its overall strength and stability. As you know, a cavity is a hole in your tooth. As tooth decay worsens, more and more of your tissue is lost. Eventually, your tooth will likely break. At this point, you will not be able to rely on a filling but will need a more intensive treatment.

#2: Your Tooth Will Become Infected

Tooth decay can very easily lead to a tooth infection. This happens because decay eats away tooth tissue, providing a welcoming entrance for bacteria to quickly make their way into your tooth. As they invade, they lead to infection. Treating decay immediately prevents this development.

#3: Your Tooth Will Hurt

Your tooth may not hurt as a cavity first begins to form. However, severe decay will certainly become uncomfortable.

#4: You’ll Need To Spend More Money

When you pretend you don’t have a cavity, then you suddenly require a root canal or crown to fix the problem, the cost of the treatments goes up. Protect your wallet by treating your cavity right away.