Dental Care: Don’t Try This At Home

warningWhen you get your oral health in wonderful condition and you find that you have streamlined your dental hygiene, you may begin to feel on top of your dental care game! This is a wonderful sensation because you know you are doing your absolute best to protect your smile. However, if you let any of that success go to your ego, you just might find yourself trying some professional stuff at home that you should leave to … guess who? … the professionals! To help you avoid this pitfall, we offer up a few suggestions of things you should not try at home.

#1: Filling A Cavity Or Other Damage

It’s true that you can head to the drugstore to pick up a container of temporary filling. It’s entirely okay to use this momentarily. What you should not do, however, is use this for any extended amount of time. Bacteria are quick to invade and infect teeth and further damage can quickly occur with an already damaged tooth. Come see us for the professional dental care that will protect your tooth.

#2: Whitening Your Teeth

Yes, it is very tempting to try to whiten your teeth at home. This feeling become exponentially stronger when you see advertisements for over-the-counter treatments and when friends give you tips on DIY options. Regardless of how alluring your home dental care options seem to be, stick with professional teeth whitening to protect your smile.

#3: Dislodging Firmly Stuck Debris

No matter what, if you try to floss debris from between teeth and it doesn’t work with the first or second try, leave the area alone. Then, call us and tell us you need help. A quick trip for this type of assistance is much more convenient and cost-effective than the aftermath of accidental injury.