Q&A Gum Disease Dangers: Do You Know Them?

qarainbowPatients often think about gum disease and assume it’s either something that won’t affect them or that it’s something that’s a bit of a nuisance but little else. Unfortunately, this oral health concern has the capacity to become quite destructive if it’s ignored. We suggest you become familiar with associated dangers (and how to avoid them), so you can enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Questions and Answers

Question: Can I just try to fix the problem for a while before I come in to see you? My gums are puffy but I figure I just need to floss and brush more consistently.

Answer: No. Once your gums become inflamed, you will require a deep cleaning and our attention. You cannot reverse gingivitis or periodontal disease with your own efforts at home, in part because you are unable to remove the tartar buildup contributing to the problem.

Question: Is it true that you can cure gingivitis but that you cannot reverse the gum disease problem once it becomes more advanced?

Answer: This is true. In the earliest stage of development (gingivitis) we can address the problem and heal your gums. However, once it progresses, it becomes a chronic issue that will typically require lifelong management.

Question: I’ve heard that it’s possible to experience tooth loss as a result of gum disease. Is this really true?

Answer: Yes. Fortunately, if you come in to see us every six months (or when you recognize something isn’t right with your gum tissue), we can address the problem long before it damages your teeth to such a severe extent. However, if you neglect it, losing teeth is a possible reality.