Local Anesthesia: Your Questions

questionstickiesMost patients are happy to receive local anesthesia because it means receiving dental care procedures (like fillings or root canal treatments) without experiencing any discomfort. However, the aftermath of receiving an anesthetic often means an extended period of not only a numb tooth but numb lips as well. The problem here is that it can interfere with your day, particularly if you have life responsibilities to return to, such as work or class. Fortunately, we offer the OraVerse system to help combat this problem. Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Questions and Answer: OraVerse

Question: Is there really some way that you can help me return to my daily schedule without the frustration of a numb mouth?

Answer: Yes! We offer the OraVerse system, which essentially reverses the effects of your local anesthesia. Rather than having to wait it out, the system causes the numbness to quickly dissipate, so you can regain the usual function of your oral tissues.

Question: Why might it be important to choose the OraVerse system?

Answer: For most, numb lips means it’s very difficult to chew, to speak, and to enjoy usual saliva flow until the numbness goes away. As a result, it can be difficult if not impossible to eat, to return to your job, to speak with colleagues, to attend class, to give presentations, and the list goes on. When you need your mouth back in its usual condition right away, this treatment can help.

Question: How quickly can I expect to recover from the numbness if I choose the OraVerse system?

Answer: You will generally recover within an hour or so, which is a greatly reduced amount of time when compared with the approximately four hours of time that must usually elapse.