Customized Care: What Does This Mean?

questioncardsYou might hear quite consistently that we provide customized care. However, you might not really know what this means. Surely, a dental cleaning doesn’t require significant customization, right? How about cosmetic care? Does that require custom treatments or should everyone expect the same thing? Allow us to explain when this becomes extremely important and why you might need it.

Customization: What Is It?

When we talk about customized care, it might refer to a variety of aspects of the services we provide you. First, it may refer to the treatments we suggest for you. The needs of one patient are not necessarily the same as the needs for another. As a result, if you come to us desiring a better-looking smile, the services we suggest will be hand picked specifically for you. On a more detailed level, customized care may refer to the actual treatment itself and our ability to craft it to blend with your smile. This generally includes restorations like crowns or cosmetic treatments like veneers. We match dimensions, color, and more for beautiful, lifelike work.

How Do You Decide?

Curious how we decide which treatments you receive or how we ensure your treatments address your smile needs and preferences? Customized care is possible as a result of the following:

  • We will rely on an examination of your smile for its blueprints and other details (such as color).
  • Depending on your treatment, we will directly craft the material you need (or have a skilled technician do so), so that the final products are unique to your smile.