MTM Aligners: Don’t Forget!

When you decide to wear MTM Aligners as your treatment for a smile that’s oh so much straighter looking, you quickly begin gathering important details. You learn about how long to wear the trays, what it will require of you to keep them clean, and what you need to do to continue your dental hygiene! We’d like to make sure you’ve gotten the basics down pat (and some potentially not-so-obvious information collected), so your experience is a good one.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Smile!

Don’t forget that when you have MTM Aligners to treat your smile, you really have to keep your smile clean. When you forget to clean your aligners and your teeth and gums, you’re inviting all sorts of trouble onto the scene. Remember that clean aligners and tissues mean you’re avoiding decay, gingivitis, bad breath, staining, and more. Need a reminder regarding the details or want a demo? Just ask.

Don’t Forget To Avoid Hot Water!

Remember that you want to keep those MTM Aligners far away from hot water. Whether you’re sipping it or you suddenly think that hot water is a good way to clean your trays, think again: It can end up damaging the very particular shape of your trays. As you might imagine, this can greatly interfere with your treatment!

Don’t Smoke, Vape, Etc…With Them In Place!

You might not think much of it but anything you’re doing, from smoking to vaping, may negatively impact your MTM Aligners. It may damage them physically, stain them, and even put your smile at risk. Take them out first every time.

Enjoy MTM Aligners With Ease

Remember that protecting your MTM Aligner treatment is extremely easy when you closely follow our advice. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.