MTM Clear Aligners: What Can They Do?

Are you 100% happy with the position of the teeth in your smile? Many people are not satisfied, and yet they live with the annoyance or curtail their smile, rather than ask a helpful dentist in Prairie View, KS what might be done to solve the issue. They may have told themselves “It will take too long,” “It’s such a small thing,” or “It will probably be major production in my mouth.” In fact, MTM aligners can solve a number of misalignment issues, in a short time and with discretion.

MTM Aligners and Spacing Issues

The initials MTM stand for Minor Tooth Movement, and MTM clear aligners are specifically suited for mild to moderate smile issues. This means if you have lived for years (or even decades) with distracting gaps between some teeth, or some overcrowding in other areas, MTM aligners could be the solution you’ve been looking for. When the jaws are in correct position, but the teeth need correction in their spacing, MTM aligners can often do the job.

MTM Aligners and Turned Teeth

A tooth can be in the right spot, but twisted to a degree, so that instead of presenting the front face, the tooth shows slightly (or sometimes almost fully) in side view. With the carefully calibrated trays in the MTM system, the tooth (or teeth) can be guided into correct presentation, matching the face-forward view that best suits a smile. Your selfies will never look better than when teeth are facing in the proper direction!

MTM Aligners and Teeth That Tip

Sometimes teeth are in the proper position, but instead of standing tall (as is most functional and attractive) they tilt towards the inside or the outside of the mouth. Not only can this look awkward, but it can make eating meals a bit problematic, and can result in occasional oral injury, when teeth close together and catch the soft tissues inside the mouth.

MTM Aligners are Not Limited to Just These Issues

Clear aligners have a wide variety of abilities in correcting minor to moderate alignment issues in a smile. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.