Things You Think About Aligners That Aren’t True

You might get yourself sort of excited when you learn about choosing MTM Aligners in Prairie Village, KS to align your smile. “Wow,” you think, “I can end up with a straight smile and I don’t even have to wear metal braces!” Then, of course, you manage to start worrying about the clear aligners. Yes, they’re very difficult to see, but does that mean they’re invisible enough? What will it be like to wear trays over your teeth? Is this really a great option, you think? We understand. Starting any new treatment can cause a bit of anxiety. We’re also very used to these types of questions and are thrilled to report that adjusting is a breeze and your worries are probably something you can say goodbye to today!

“I’m Going To Look Like A Kid!”

You might think that since lots of teenagers and younger individuals rely on orthodontics to get their smiles in order, if someone notices your MTM Aligners, they may think that you look like a teen, too. First, recognize that these aligners are primarily for cosmetic concerns, which means you’ll see a lot of adults wearing them! Well, actually, you won’t notice it because they truly are extremely discreet. We understand your concerns. However, we can reassure you: We treat many adults who want straighter grins.

“I’ll Never Be Able To Talk Normally!”

Trust us when we tell you that most patients are concerned about this! They imagine themselves walking through daily life wearing something like an athletic mouthguard, which leaves them worrying that their speech will not be something that can adapt. Remember: MTM Aligners are extremely thin and fit closely over your teeth. Will it take a few days until you fully adjust and sound like yourself again? Yes! However, as mentioned, you will adapt very quickly, so you can look like yourself and sound like yourself, too!

“This Is Going To Be Harder Than Braces!”

We understand that you may worry taking your MTM Aligners in and out of your smile, keeping up with them, etc., can seem more complicated than simply wearing traditional braces. However, we’d like to remind you:

  • You will be able to eat whatever you want
  • You’ll be able to thoroughly clean your smile with your usual approach
  • You’ll get used to your trays quickly!

Find Out What Makes MTM Aligners Good For You

When you’re on the fence about aligning your smile, or you really want it but you have some obstacles in your way, we strongly encourage you to come in to see us for a refresher on the facts! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.