3 Times You Just Need Cosmetic Braces

What do we mean in this instance when we refer to your potentially needing cosmetic braces? What we mean is that some people need just a bit of an adjustment to get their smile looking more uniform and much more beautiful. Others need true alignment improvement throughout their entire smile because it is causing additional problems that are not strictly related to esthetics. How do you know if you would be able to achieve quick results with our MTM Aligners because you just need some cosmetic improvement? We’ve got a few ways to figure it out!

#1: Only Front Teeth Are Crooked

Maybe the only thing you’re dealing with is front teeth that are a little crooked. You don’t need comprehensive traditional braces for this, of course, because it’s not affecting your bite. Cosmetic care may not be able to work, however, in the form of something like veneers or contouring. Your best best? MTM Aligners may save the day!

#2: You Have Some Little Spaces

Now, let’s talk about what happens if you have some minor spacing throughout your smile. You don’t want the obvious spaces or gaps to be part of your smile anymore and you’d like to close them very soon. MTM Aligners can address these visible gaps quickly, so teeth rest flush.

#3: You’ve Got Multiple Simple Things Happening

Maybe you have one slightly crooked tooth, a gap, and things just aren’t aligned as beautifully as they could be. Again, you’re stuck between other cosmetic treatments that won’t fit the bill and traditional braces that are overkill. Fix the little esthetic problems, so your smile is straight, uniform, and beautiful by seeking MTM Aligner treatment from our practice!

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