Discreet Adult Orthodontics: An Option

We get it. Some things you don’t mind sharing, and other times you’d rather not have everyone up in your business. While braces seem like a rite of passage in middle school, they may not be what you’d like to wear in the workplace, or out on a date. Luckily, there are almost-invisible orthodontic options in Prairie Village, KS. Patients with mild to moderate tooth misalignment may want to talk to their dentist, to see if they are suitable candidates for these clear aligners.

What are MTM Clear Aligners?

If your teeth are slightly to moderately out of the ideal spacing, alignment, or perhaps slightly turned in your mouth, MTM aligners can bring about Minor Tooth Movement, to correct the imperfections in your smile. MTM Aligners are a series of custom-designed PVC- and BPA-free plastic trays that you wear for most of the day and at night. About every two weeks, you progress to a new aligner, thereby gently shifting crooked teeth, without the glint of metal or wires.

Will This Option Work For Everyone?

MTM clear aligners are particulary good at treating mild to moderate issues with front teeth.This might include spacing issues (too much or too little) between teeth, as well as tipping, tilting and rotation of individual teeth, or several teeth. At your consultation, your dentist and his professional team can outline the commitment required, such as wearing the aligners regularly and diligently changing aligners according to your individualized schedule.

What If I’m Not A Good Candidate for MTM?

There are non-orthodontic ways to address many issues of crooked teeth in a smile. For example, dental bonding can often address a gap between teeth. Custom-crafted porcelain veneers can also correct the look of a tooth that slight overlaps another. With the education and smile artistry of Dr. Browne, he is certain to have suggestions to create a smile that pleases you.

MTM Clear Aligners Can Be Your Secret to New Smile

If you’d like to straighten your teeth, without annoucing to the world that you are making this improvement, consider clear aligners. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.