How Your Dentist Can Make Dental Care More Comfortable

Some patients will find it hard to feel comfortable during dental treatment, even during a routine dental exam. If you have anxieties about oral health care, make sure you communicate this with your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Part of patient comfort is creating an environment that is relaxing, welcoming, and generally calming. For patients who need more support, dental sedation can deliver much-needed help. Multiple sedation options are available to patients with varying degrees of unease. Of course, a comfortable experience is about more than just staying calm. Your dentist can help ensure that the effects of an anesthetic used during a restorative dental procedure fade more quickly, so you can confidently return to your day.

Using Sedation To Help You Remain Calm, And Comfortable

Patients who suffer from anxiety generally, and those who feel anxious about a more involved treatment, like a root canal procedure can benefit from the use of dental sedation. Nitrous oxide and conscious sedation can help you remain relaxed, and feel calm while you undergo treatment. This can also be beneficial for those patients who need to come in for a longer procedure, as it can help you stay comfortable for an extended period in the dentist’s chair.

How You Can Recover More Quickly From The Effects Of Local Anesthetic

By using Oraverse, your dentist can help you recover more quickly from the effects of localized anesthetic. Oraverse encourages the return of feeling to your lips after your dental work concludes, so you avoid the awkward numbness that can make it harder to speak. Thanks to Oraverse, you can feel normal again after one or two hours, instead of feeling as though a significant portion of your day has been hijacked by numbness.

Dr. Browne Can Provide Dedicated Care In A Comfortable Environment

Robert M Browne, DDS is proud to provide patients with a comfortable treatment experience every time they visit. You can look forward to a welcoming, calming environment upon arrival. If you have issues with dental anxiety, or need help feeling comfortable during more involved work, sedation can help you. To learn more, or to schedule a visit, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.