How Technology Helps Your Dentist Protect Your Smile

How can technology affect your experience as a patient during oral health care? Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can use digital x-rays to create detailed images of your teeth in a remarkably short time. In addition to providing an ongoing record that closely tracks changes in your oral health, digital x-rays produce significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray technology. With this information, it is easier to identify when something might be wrong, so problems can be stopped before they have a chance to do more harm. Improvements in dental technology also make it possible to provide better care for problems like gum disease, and tooth decay.

Using A Modern Approach To Help You Address Gum Disease

When your dentist recognizes signs of gum disease, they can recommend treatment with an ultrasonic scaling. This approach to periodontal care can offer a more comfortable means of removing harmful plaque and tartar from your teeth underneath your gum line. By undergoing this procedure, you can reverse the effects of gingivitis, or enjoy support in an ongoing effort to stop a more advanced case of gum disease from causing complications like tooth loss.

How Advances In Restorative Dentistry Benefit You

If you need treatment for cavities, your dentist can help by providing you with a dental filling or dental crown that delivers years of support, while also looking more like a natural tooth. Modern fillings made with composite resin blend in with your enamel, and actually bond with the surface of your tooth structure. Crowns made from porcelain and zirconia can do a remarkable job of blending in with your surrounding teeth. They also provide the kind of long-term durability you need from a restoration, so they can provide necessary functional support.

Learn More About How Dr. Browne Can Offer You Modern Smile Support

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