Month: July 2018

How Technology Helps Your Dentist Protect Your Smile

How can technology affect your experience as a patient during oral health care? Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can use digital x-rays to create detailed images of your teeth in a remarkably short time. In addition to providing an ongoing record that closely tracks changes in your oral health, digital x-rays produce significantly less… Read more »

Correcting Crooked Teeth With MTM Aligners

When your smile is affected by poorly aligned teeth, you may worry that the only way to make corrections is through metal braces. While this approach to orthodontic treatment can offer great results, patients often hesitate to move forward with treatment because they worry about how they will look with braces. MTM aligners provided by… Read more »

Making Sure You Have Access To Emergency Care For Your Smile

What would you do if you injured a tooth today? When people find themselves on the wrong end of dental damage, or experience sudden tooth loss, they can feel alarmed. In addition to being painful, this kind of injury can have serious repercussions for your smile. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready… Read more »

What Makes Veneers Look So Natural?

If you talk with us about porcelain veneers at our Prairie Village, KS practice, if you search them online, and if you happen to run into someone wearing them, you’ll notice something: Much of the hype surrounding this cosmetic treatment centers on the fact that they look so natural. This is one of those things… Read more »

Many Types Of Smile-Related Pain (And How To Deal!)

You know that when you have tooth pain, this is a very common type of smile-related discomfort. However, beyond a toothache and other types of irritation, you may wonder what else we could be talking about! For starters, we are also focusing on the type of extraordinary discomfort some patients go through with their emotions… Read more »

Your Comfort: We Are Very Supportive Of It!

If you’re not entirely sure what we are about at our Prairie Village, KS practice, then you may not know that patient comfort is one of our absolute top priorities. “Well that’s good,” you might think to yourself, “it’s nice to have a dentist that’s gentle and thoughtful.” If so, then you certainly have some… Read more »

Reading: The Night The World Turned Blue

Have you enjoyed any of the storytime moments at The Village? If not, then you are really missing out! The next installment of this family-fun experience is a great one for enthusiasts of our KC Royals, so don’t forget to show up for Storytime: The Night The World Turned Blue!

Remember: The Little Problems Are Worth Cosmetic Care, Too

You might feel really strongly about your smile and making improvements when you see yellowing that affects the entirety of your smile because it seems every tooth is discolored. However, you may find that you have some seriously mixed feelings when what you’re worried about amount physically to very small details. Is it really worth… Read more »

3 Reasons You Don’t Want To Show Us Your Broken Tooth

There are some reasons you’re probably hiding your broken tooth from us. It might have something to do with the way you feel emotionally (maybe you don’t want to admit that you broke your tooth because it’s sort of your fault). Maybe you don’t really love scheduling dental care, so you are trying to avoid… Read more »

Things That Commonly Happen With Tooth Pain (And What To Do)

When tooth pain shows up one day, you may not know what to make of it. Is this something to pay attention to, you ask yourself? Fortunately, you’ve got our perspective in Prairie Village, KS to let you know one very important detail that trumps all else: Whatever it is, you should come in to… Read more »