Remember: The Little Problems Are Worth Cosmetic Care, Too

You might feel really strongly about your smile and making improvements when you see yellowing that affects the entirety of your smile because it seems every tooth is discolored. However, you may find that you have some seriously mixed feelings when what you’re worried about amount physically to very small details. Is it really worth doing something about that chipped tooth, you wonder? Does anyone actually notice that stain that you see? What about those two very pointed teeth … should you be concerned or just ignore them? Fortunately, if you want cosmetic care for such things in Prairie Village, KS, we offer dental bonding and contouring and we most certainly think it’s a smart plan!

One Small Detail Can Have A Big Impact

Let’s say you have a single stain. You don’t need all over teeth whitening to fix this problem. However, the stain is noticeable. Instead of having a beautiful white smile, you have a beautiful smile with a glaring mark on it. Or, maybe you have a space between your two front teeth that you’ve never been too fond of. In these scenarios, and others, you have the option to fix the problem with dental bonding (or contouring), depending on your need. Fix the one problem and your smile is the beautiful feature you want it to be in an instant.

Many Little Problems Can Become Noticeable

So, you don’t just have one little tiny issue? Instead, you have little issues but you’ve got a lot of them? Not to worry! This is a frequent occurrence. We know, as well, that while each individual problem, whether it’s a chip or stain or otherwise, might not seem like a big deal, all together, they can cause your smile to look much less attractive to you than it could. So, let’s fix the issues! By the time we are through with dental bonding and contouring, you may feel like you’ve received a complete smile makeover!

If You’ll Feel Better, Then Improvement Is A No Brainer!

Our team wants you to feel better about yourself! If that means making improvements big or small, one or many, it is always worth the effort.

Fix Small Esthetic Problems For A Big Improvement

Enjoy the dramatic improvement you want for your smile when you rely on bonding and contouring to address small issues. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.