Many Types Of Smile-Related Pain (And How To Deal!)

You know that when you have tooth pain, this is a very common type of smile-related discomfort. However, beyond a toothache and other types of irritation, you may wonder what else we could be talking about! For starters, we are also focusing on the type of extraordinary discomfort some patients go through with their emotions as they feel caught between their fear of dental care and their absolute need for help with their tooth. So, you may be asking yourself, how does one deal with these problems and obstacles? Fortunately, our Prairie Village, KS practice is more than ready to help you!

Real, Physical Pain!

This is the most obvious type of smile-related pain, of course: Tooth pain! Or gum pain. We’re talking about when you feel uncomfortable. The way to handle this is to call us immediately and to set up whatever type of visit you need, either a regularly schedule one or a same-day or emergency visit. We’ll take care of the details, so you’re comfy again.

Emotional Discomfort

When you have tooth pain, you may not always be most upset about the tooth itself. For many patients, it’s the emotional discomfort associated with wanting dental care for their oral problem but feeling too overwhelmed regarding the financial aspect to come in for the necessary treatment. Remember that we accept all non-HMO dental insurance. If you’re not someone with insurance, this isn’t problematic. We also offer financing through CareCredit, accept credit cards, and are happy to talk with you about how to make your smile care work!

Mental Anguish!

You know you need smile care because of your tooth pain. However, you feel anxious about coming in even for a preventive visit. You then feel like you’re probably the only person who goes through this to such an extent, which makes you feel worse, of course. Take a step back and consider the fact that we, like many practices, offer dental sedation. This is in part because sometimes it’s essential for certain treatments. It’s also because dental anxiety is extremely common, affecting many people and even keeping a percentage from ever accessing the care they need. Let your anguish melt away! Tell us about your feelings and make use of our extensive approach to helping patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Deal With Tooth Pain With Ease At Our Practice

Make addressing your smile concerns something you feel comfortable about, so you can keep your teeth and gums in lovely condition. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.