Things That Commonly Happen With Tooth Pain (And What To Do)

When tooth pain shows up one day, you may not know what to make of it. Is this something to pay attention to, you ask yourself? Fortunately, you’ve got our perspective in Prairie Village, KS to let you know one very important detail that trumps all else: Whatever it is, you should come in to see us for a dental visit because it’s pretty much impossible to get it all figured out on your own. As for some of the things that can happen once pain arrives, we encourage you to recognize that there are obvious and not so obvious paths that happen quite frequently. As a result, you’ll see that since you cannot exactly predict any aspect of such a concern, seeing us really is essential.

It Gets Much Worse

If you have a cavity or something else is wrong with your tooth that requires treatment, your tooth pain is probably not going to just hang around in mild form for very long. It’s important to remember that the discomfort can get much worse! However, you can prevent this from happening, of course. The moment you feel a twinge or a change, call us so we may see you. Or, if discomfort comes on full force when you’re not expecting it, remember we provide emergency dentistry, so you are free to call!

It Goes Away And Comes Back

You may have tooth pain that shows up for a while. Then, it happens to go away. If you irritated your tooth with an accidental bump, then perhaps the problem resolved! However, if something is wrong, the pain will come back. When you notice tooth pain that comes and goes, you should call us instead of waiting to see if it goes away again (because it will certainly come back and will likely last longer and be more intense the next time!).

It Becomes Something You Get Sort Of Used To

You might experience tooth pain for a while and then it just becomes part of your life. Maybe you manage it by taking pain relievers. We remind you that it’s better to see us for a visit and to fix the problem instead. Long-term use of medicine for a problem we can fix is not ideal, can bring side effects with it, and may cover up something that requires restorative care.

See Us For Tooth Pain Concerns As Soon As You Can

Don’t wait around on tooth pain concerns. Instead, come in to see us when you can so that you can make that pain go away completely! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.