Month: May 2021

How Veneers Make Smiles More Symmetrical

Are you feeling unhappy with your smile because it appears awkward or uneven? Relatively small differences in tooth shape and size can hurt your facial symmetry, which can have a frustrating disruptive effect on the way you look. Sometimes, an uneven smile can be addressed by restoring a single damaged or misshapen tooth. However, many… Read more »

How Does A Filling Imitate Your Enamel?

If you develop a cavity, you will have to see your dentist for restorative treatment. Putting off dental work can lead to complications that interfere with your oral health in serious ways, and can even put you at risk for tooth loss! It can be a relief to know that timely treatment can prevent complications…. Read more »

Receiving A Dental Prosthetic

Living with an incomplete smile can lead to frustration, and not just because you feel self-conscious about the way you look. You can struggle with an uneven or awkward bite while you also feel uncomfortable with your smile. Over time, the issue can make you more likely to experience other oral health issues, which can… Read more »

Responding To Issues With Jaw Pain

The issues that you have with jaw pain should be brought to your dentist’s attention. You should bring up any problems with pain or sensitivity that you have when you bite and chew at a regular dental exam. If pain has become a problem that impacts your daily life, you can schedule an appointment to… Read more »

Addressing Gingivitis During A Checkup

At a regular dental checkup, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will look out for several different concerns. Obviously, problems with dental decay will be something we look out for. What you should know is that our practice is also ready to help patients manage their periodontal health, a service that can be more important than… Read more »

Treatments That Address Smile Flaws

woman with confident smile

Not everyone with healthy teeth feel truly confident in their appearance when smiling. Cosmetic flaws can be a source of anxiety for many. If you have issues with the shape, size, color, or general condition of any of your teeth, it can may be hard to feel comfortable with the way you look. At our… Read more »

3 Problems Flossing Will Help You Avoid

Are you anxious about your next dental exam? People who feel less confident in their daily oral care routine can expect to hear bad news at their next checkup. This does not mean you should put off a visit until you change your habits! After all, an exam gives your dentist an opportunity to identify any active… Read more »

Tips For Avoiding Tooth Infections

If you let a physically injured tooth go untreated, or if you put off regular care and let a cavity form, you can experience problems with a painful tooth infection. Infections can cause serious discomfort as they make your tooth sore or sensitive, and they can eventually lead to tooth loss and the spread of… Read more »

Growing Concerned About A Toothache?

woman with toothache

When is it a good idea to say something to your dentist about a toothache? If you feel that the pain is too difficult to ignore, or if you have the same issue with discomfort for an extended period of time, you should look into treatment. By doing so, you can address a potentially serious… Read more »

Cosmetic Work To Restore A Chipped Tooth

After you chip your tooth, you can lose confidence in your smile. Whenever you see that glaring flaw, you can fret over the way it seems to attract unwanted notice, and you can grow frustrated at how hard it is to hide from view. Does this mean you are stuck with a smile that makes… Read more »