Tips For Avoiding Tooth Infections

If you let a physically injured tooth go untreated, or if you put off regular care and let a cavity form, you can experience problems with a painful tooth infection. Infections can cause serious discomfort as they make your tooth sore or sensitive, and they can eventually lead to tooth loss and the spread of bacteria to other areas of your body. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help deal with active infections – in fact, we can even arrange to see you on short notice to provide emergency dental work. With that said, through ongoing preventive care, and prompt treatment in response to early signs of trouble, you can avoid difficulties with potentially serious issues!

Consistent Checkups Help You Avoid Complications From Advanced Dental Decay

If a cavity is not treated in time, the progressive damage to your enamel will eventually leave you vulnerable to an infection. Infections are a cause for concern on several grounds. One is that the necessary treatment will be more involved, which means a larger time commitment and a bigger change to your tooth structure. Another is that until you address the matter, you can experience an alarming amount of discomfort due to dental pain and sensitivity.

If you want to avoid issues with advanced decay, keep scheduling regular dental exams. At every regular checkup, you undergo a review that includes a close check for early signs of cavities. Early cavity treatment with a filling can stop the threat to your smile before complications cause discomfort.

Scheduling Care On Short Notice After A Physical Tooth Injury

If you act quickly, you can prevent complications that can occur after a physical tooth injury. Physical trauma can affect more than just your smile. In time, you can suffer more structural harm, and you can experience the onset of an infection that requires root canal therapy to resolve. At an emergency dental appointment, you can receive the necessary treatment to stop a tooth’s condition from growing worse. We can discuss whether you can move forward with a cosmetic procedure, or if you might already need restorative dental work to address problems with your tooth.

What To Expect If You Do Need Treatment For An Infection

If you are in need of care to address an infection, our office is prepared to help. Root canal therapy removes bacteria and damaged tissues from your pulp to stop the progression of an infection. By performing this treatment, we can stop an ongoing problem with pain or sensitivity. Once this work is performed, we can restore the tooth by sealing its pulp and capping it with a custom dental crown.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Help You Avoid A Tooth Infection

Through preventive care and timely intervention after physical trauma, we can help our patients avoid complications from tooth infections! To find out more about us, and how we can help you, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.