Receiving A Dental Prosthetic

Living with an incomplete smile can lead to frustration, and not just because you feel self-conscious about the way you look. You can struggle with an uneven or awkward bite while you also feel uncomfortable with your smile. Over time, the issue can make you more likely to experience other oral health issues, which can lead to the need for more dental work. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, Dr. Browne is ready to work with patients who want to do something about tooth loss. We offer several prosthetic appliances, and we can help you find the right solution to close your smile gap.

Stop Living With An Incomplete Smile!

Losing a tooth can lead to a difficult adjustment period, and in time it can lead to unwelcome oral health complications. You may find that you unconsciously change how you smile and speak so that you can more effectively hide the absence of a tooth. If you change the way you bite and chew, you can create stress on your joints and muscles that can lead to persistent TMJ pain. You can also become too reliant on remaining teeth, and that can lead to them gradually wearing down. Rather than try to live with these issues, you can meet with Dr. Browne to discuss the advantages of prosthetic dental work.

Discussing Prosthetic Treatment Options With Your Dentist

With the right dental prosthetic, you can positively change your bite and smile. We can help you address your troubles with tooth loss even if you have lost several teeth, or even an entire row. One option we provide is treatment with a dental bridge, a permanent restoration we keep in place with a pair of dental crowns. This is a long-term solution for tooth loss, a fixed appliance that will not require oral surgery. Another treatment option we can discuss is treatment with a restoration held in place with a dental implant. When a patient has lost many teeth, or when they need to replace an entire row, we can recommend a partial or full denture.

How Dental Implants Prevent Complications Caused By Jawbone Deterioration

Dental implants help with more than just the cosmetic impact of tooth loss. They are used to effectively keep teeth secured to your jawbone, something that will help you bite and chew with less difficulty. The implant can even protect your jawbone against deterioration, a problem that will occur after tooth loss. The stimulation created by your implant-held restoration will keep the bone from losing access to important nutrients.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About The Benefits Of A Dental Prosthetic

With your dental prosthetic, we can fully restore your smile and give you renewed confidence in your appearance. Because we can provide a permanent restoration, we can even help you enjoy a more stable and secure bite! To find out more, please call our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office today at 913-901-8585.