3 Problems Flossing Will Help You Avoid

Are you anxious about your next dental exam? People who feel less confident in their daily oral care routine can expect to hear bad news at their next checkup. This does not mean you should put off a visit until you change your habits! After all, an exam gives your dentist an opportunity to identify any active problems that require care. However, that uneasiness should motivate you to look for ways to better care for your smile. One thing you should do is floss on a daily basis. This habit protects you against different threats to your oral health and appearance that can affect many people. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can help you identify positive changes in your daily oral hygiene efforts, just as we can provide important early warnings and care during your regular preventive appointments!

1. Flossing Regularly Helps You Avoid Cavities

Cavities are a familiar threat, one that people tend to take seriously. Unfortunately, even those individuals who recognize the threat of cavities can find themselves in need of treatment for one if they do not maintain a habit of both brushing and flossing. By flossing, you clear away the bacteria and food particles that gather between teeth and cause difficulties for you. If you start to floss each day, you can make yourself less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at your next oral health exam.

2. A Good Flossing Routine Reduces Your Risk For Gingivitis

At a checkup, Dr. Browne can recommend that you undergo an ultrasonic scaling instead of a standard teeth cleaning. The difference in these services is that an ultrasonic scaling removes bacteria from beneath your gum line to fight gingivitis and prevent issues with gum disease. A flossing routine that cleans at the spaces where your teeth and gums meet can protect you from this problem by clearing out bacteria before gingivitis affects you.

3. Your Flossing Efforts Keep Tartar From Gathering Between Teeth

While you do not need restorative dental work to address tartar buildup, you do need your hygienist’s help to fight the accumulation of these deposits. Fortunately, you can stop tartar from gathering between appointments by thoroughly brushing and flossing. Be mindful about cleaning harder-to-reach areas every day, as these are spaces where you can be more vulnerable to tartar formation!

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Help You Avoid Dental Problems!

Through good daily habits that include flossing, you can lower your risk for problems that Dr. Browne has to address at a dental appointment. Remember that our practice is happy to help you look for ways to improve your oral care routine, just as we are ready to take on any issues that affect you over time. To find out more, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.