Month: March 2018

Saving Yourself From Tooth Pain

When the main thing on your mind is your tooth pain, you’re also focused very strongly on what you should do about it. You may wonder what we will do about it once you come in to talk with us. Part of you thinks that if you just ignore the pain, it will stop. The… Read more »

C. Frogs Easter Brunch

Looking to switch things up a little bit this year? Thinking an upscale barbecue steakhouse sounds like a nice place to start? Well then! You and your family and friends will want to enjoy your Sunday morning or afternoon with the C. Frogs Easter Brunch event, which offers a delicious, sit-down celebration for the whole… Read more »

Invisalign-Like Treatment For Speedy Alignment

You might like the idea of Invisalign treatment but you don’t actually need it. As a result, you wonder if you’ll be able to find Invisalign-like treatment with the ease and comfort that comes with aligner trays, while you’re able to treat your minor alignment issues. Not to worry! At our practice, we offer MTM… Read more »

When Your Toothache Tastes Bad

If you ever experience a toothache and, simultaneously, you have a very bad taste in your mouth, you will know what we are referencing in an instant! As you know, tooth pain is something that is not restricted to one particular problem. Instead, it may come about as the result of a wide array of… Read more »

2 Unexpected Things Leading To Bad Breath

There are some reasons for your bad breath that you might not be shocked to hear. If we told you to stop eating so much garlic, you might think to yourself, “Ah, yes! That makes sense.” If we said that you should schedule your cleanings with us because you’re not getting your smile clean enough,… Read more »

Gum Disease And Your Tooth Pain

When you experience tooth pain, it’s usually your immediate thought that something must be wrong with your tooth itself, such as decay, trauma, an infection, etc. However, it’s important to remember that what you’re thinking is tooth discomfort may actually be related to your gums. How to know what’s what and determine the type of… Read more »

Toothaches And The Confusion They Bring

Sometimes, tooth pain can be very straightforward and you know just what’s happening. In other cases, you may find that your toothache causes you a lot of confusion. You might not be sure why you’re experiencing discomfort, what to make of the problem, or how to move forward. The short answer is: Come in for… Read more »

Old Bridge Cellars Wine Dinner At Story  

Do you love to see the temps on the rise but feel a bit sad about saying goodbye to the cozy, indoor times that come with winter? Why not step your way toward spring without losing a bit of coziness or romance with the Old Bridge Cellars Wine Dinner at Story? It’s sure to be… Read more »

Trend Alert: Is Infused Water Smile Safe?

You’ve probably seen infused water a fair amount either in ads, on TV, in the travel bottles of friends and coworkers, and the list goes on. Perhaps you were already a fan of adding fruit slices to your water. Whether this is new or old news to you, what you may not know is whether… Read more »

Water: Helping You Avoid Tooth Pain!

When you have experienced tooth pain, the last thing you want to do is ever experience it again! As a result, you may find yourself becoming a bit of a master of dental care as it applies to keeping your teeth healthy, so they remain safe and comfortable! Today, to add one very important factor… Read more »