Trend Alert: Is Infused Water Smile Safe?

You’ve probably seen infused water a fair amount either in ads, on TV, in the travel bottles of friends and coworkers, and the list goes on. Perhaps you were already a fan of adding fruit slices to your water. Whether this is new or old news to you, what you may not know is whether this trend is safe for your smile or something that can begin with good intentions and end with tooth pain! Let’s sort out the details.

If You’re Adding Fruit…

If you’re adding just fruit to your water, then you’re adding acid to your water. What was once a neutral, very helpful beverage for your oral health (water, with a pH of 7) will turn into an acidic drink that can harm your enamel. Remember that acids that cover your teeth on a consistent basis will break down the otherwise protective layer of tissue, which leaves your teeth in a much less safe spot when it comes to decay and other causes of tooth pain. We don’t suggest water infused with fruit in place of plain old water!

If You’re Adding Fruit And Veggies…

Remember that just because you add veggies like cucumbers to your water, that won’t “cancel out” anything acidic that you place in there. When something like lemon, lime, strawberry, or orange is added, you’re turning neutral water to a much more acidic liquid. If your goal is to avoid tooth pain and to keep your smile safe as can be, stick with pure water or just remember to hold the fruits. Eating fruit and then rinsing with water is a better way to get those vitamins and minerals you’re after.

Protect Your Smile By Asking Nutrition Questions

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