2 Unexpected Things Leading To Bad Breath

There are some reasons for your bad breath that you might not be shocked to hear. If we told you to stop eating so much garlic, you might think to yourself, “Ah, yes! That makes sense.” If we said that you should schedule your cleanings with us because you’re not getting your smile clean enough, again, this would not register as a shocking revelation. However, what about those unexpected details that are leading to your not-so-friendly-scented mouth? Once you learn them, you’ll be this much closer to avoiding yucky breath for life!

That Pill You’ve Been Taking

Is there a new medication that you’ve been taking? This is often something that you don’t expect at all until you find out that there is a surprising amount of medications out there with dry mouth as a side effect. Still not making the connection? Here’s what you’re missing: Dry mouth frequently results in bad breath. So, that new pill might be the culprit. Check out potential side effects and then figure out where to go from there (this may include talking with us and/or speaking with the prescribing doctor about options).

Your Distaste Toward Your Hygiene Products

If you aren’t a fan of your dental hygiene products, you may be doing one of the following: Skipping sessions, rushing through sessions, trying to keep the toothpaste away from your tongue because it tastes bad, etc. Unfortunately, if you’re not thoroughly cleansing your smile, you’re leaving behind bacteria. Guess what that means? Those bacteria let loose some unfriendly odors, which means you’ll end up with bad breath. Use stuff you like, so you keep your smile and breath safe.

Find Out Why You’ve Got Bad Breath From Our Team

Talk with our team to determine the main cause of your bad breath, any additional factors, and how to make things better. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.