Month: March 2018

Will Veneers Work For My Not-So-Straight Smile?

If you have been looking into the world of dental care that can help you address what you think are some cosmetic issues that leave you with a not-so-straight smile, you may come up against some confusion. On one hand, you read that you will need orthodontic care of some sort. On the other hand,… Read more »

Emergency Dental Care: 3 Things To Do With Our Info

When you find out that our practice’s services include emergency dental care, you may feel your heart do a little dance. “Hooray!” you think to yourself, that means that just in case you need us when you don’t expect it, we are here to take you in for a visit and to solve the concern…. Read more »

Dolce Cinnamon Roll Class

Have you ever had a cinnamon roll that left you feeling you could likely polish off an entire pan if only nobody was looking? If you’ve tasted the rolls at Dolce Bakery, chances are good you have experienced this moment. Fortunately, now you have the chance to find out how to make these scrumptious delights… Read more »

Oral Pain: Nothing Ever Works … Now What?

Have you been trying and trying to deal with tooth pain at home but nothing is working? Maybe you have tried to take over-the-counter pain relievers or even prescription strength and you find that you still deal with discomfort. Perhaps your dental hygiene is impeccable and you thought that this would make all the difference… Read more »

Allergies: A Springtime Oral Health Quiz

There are paintings and poems and more dedicated to this beautiful time of year: Springtime! With it, however, come all of those natural irritants that can leave you with itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, congested upper airways, all of which translate into one thing … springtime allergies. Are you aware that in addition to being… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Your Very Quick Review

If you’re trying to sort through possible cosmetic dentistry treatments for yourself, so you can end up where you’re headed (toward a smile that looks much prettier than the one you’re sporting now), then you may require a quick review. Receiving the main highlights of each solution will help you better see which treatment may… Read more »

Bruxism And Your Tooth Pain

Did you know that if you’re dealing with pain in one tooth or even tooth pain throughout your mouth, this might not be the result of cavities or other hygiene-related problems? In some cases, serious discomfort may result from a problem we refer to as bruxism disorder. The short explanation is that you may be… Read more »

Severe Weather Awareness Week!

As you may already know, our town is participating in Severe Weather Awareness Week, which has included testing of the outdoor sirens and which provides you and every community member with an easy way to receive notification of emergencies right away. Do you ever wish there was an easier way to quickly receive severe weather… Read more »

3 Times You Just Need Cosmetic Braces

What do we mean in this instance when we refer to your potentially needing cosmetic braces? What we mean is that some people need just a bit of an adjustment to get their smile looking more uniform and much more beautiful. Others need true alignment improvement throughout their entire smile because it is causing additional… Read more »

What To Do About: Types Of Tooth Pain?

There are a lot of different ways you may categorize your tooth pain. If we were to get extremely general, however, then we might break down the details into pain you can clearly identify, pain that you can guess as to why it is showing up, and then pain that’s come out of seemingly nowhere…. Read more »