Saving Yourself From Tooth Pain

When the main thing on your mind is your tooth pain, you’re also focused very strongly on what you should do about it. You may wonder what we will do about it once you come in to talk with us. Part of you thinks that if you just ignore the pain, it will stop. The other part of you feels a bit panicked that you’ve already waited too long to do something. So, how to act, now that you’re experiencing discomfort but the next steps that are best for you are a bit uncertain? We’ve got two main suggestions for you, both of which (of course) include seeing our team!

Restorative Dental Care

Schedule a regular visit with us if your tooth pain is annoying but not severe or causing you anguish. Give us a quick rundown over the phone regarding your symptoms and we will schedule a visit to see you as soon as possible. Then, when you come in, we will examine your teeth, gums, and other structures. We will likely also take a closer look with the use of digital X-rays. Generally speaking, your pain is likely the result of a cracked tooth, an infection, decay, a loose filling, etc. We will provide you with a restorative care treatment to solve the problem! Our care includes: Dental fillings, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and dental crowns.

Emergency Dental Care

Now, let’s say that what you’re dealing with is not tolerable. You’re in the midst of some very excruciating or unyielding tooth pain. In this case, waiting around for a checkup is not going to suffice. Something may be very wrong (or not). What’s certain is that you’re in pain and we can stop it. Call our team for an emergency dental visit. We will quickly find the source of your pain, make a decision regarding treatment, and you can expect to feel so much better oh so soon.

See Us For Immediate Tooth Pain Care

When you’re in pain, there’s no reason to wait. Save your tooth and feel better by contacting us for the help you need. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.