When Your Toothache Tastes Bad

If you ever experience a toothache and, simultaneously, you have a very bad taste in your mouth, you will know what we are referencing in an instant! As you know, tooth pain is something that is not restricted to one particular problem. Instead, it may come about as the result of a wide array of concerns. In this instance, due to the particulars of symptoms, it is easier to narrow down what might be going on with your smile. Remember, if this or any type of discomfort occurs, we always recommend that you contact us.

It Could Be Decay

Take a moment to remember that when you have an accumulation of bacteria in your mouth, they release bad odors. Even if you’re brushing and flossing your teeth, if you have decay, then you may experience a bad taste, which may be accompanied by bad breath. That cavity may also result in a toothache. In the end, you find yourself dealing both with tooth pain and a mouth that doesn’t taste very pleasant. See us for restorative care to fix both problems quickly.

It Might Be A Tooth Infection

A bad taste in your mouth and a toothache can also be the result of infection. Perhaps you have a crack in your tooth that let bacteria in. Maybe you have a sore near a tooth. Whatever the case, if infection is present, this often causes a foul odor and flavor, as well. Your toothache and recognition of a yucky taste may be letting you know that you’ll require care for something like an infected tooth or abscess. When these two symptoms are present together, seeing us as quickly as possible is your best decision.

See Our Team For Toothaches And Other Forms Of Discomfort

Don’t feel the need to dismiss dental discomfort. Instead, tackle it head on by coming to our practice for a visit and a solution. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.