Invisalign-Like Treatment For Speedy Alignment

You might like the idea of Invisalign treatment but you don’t actually need it. As a result, you wonder if you’ll be able to find Invisalign-like treatment with the ease and comfort that comes with aligner trays, while you’re able to treat your minor alignment issues. Not to worry! At our practice, we offer MTM aligners. They are very similar but they are more focused toward your unique cosmetic needs. Let’s run down the ways they’re similar and different, so you know what to make of them.

They’re Clear Aligners

First, let’s talk about what’s very apparent and similar about Invisalign and MTM aligners: They are both slim, clear aligner trays. You place them over your teeth, where they will fit snugly because they’ve been crafted specifically to fit your smile. Most people aren’t going to see them because of their lack of color and barely noticeable design, which means you can look forward to these benefits when you’re addressing even mild cosmetic issues.

You Take Them Out When Necessary

Another Invisalign-like detail associated with MTM aligners is the fact that they are really not going to get in the way of your life on any level. This is because they’re not bonded to your teeth. Instead, you may take them out when necessary. While you will certainly need to wear them for the majority of each day, you can free your smile up when it’s time to eat or brush and floss.

They Aren’t For Serious Misalignment

The major difference? MTM aligners are not so Invisalign-like in what they can treat. Invisalign can address mild to moderate forms of misalignment. The MTM treatment is specifically for cosmetic problems like mildly crooked or spaced teeth.

See Us About Whether MTM Aligners Are For You

If you’re looking for Invisalign-like treatment for your smile, let us know that you’re ready to discuss MTM aligners. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.